Apple WWDC 2018 Update: iOS 12, macOS, MacBook Air, iPhone SE2 Expected To Debut

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Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2018 is just a few weeks away and it will be held at McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California. During the Apple WWDC 2018, the company is expected to unveil its iOS 12, macOS, MacBook Air, iPhone SE 2 and other products

iOS 12

At first, it was rumored that the iOS 12 will be huge remodel compared to previous iOS versions. However, as the Apple WWDC 2018 nears and the company’s internal documents were leaked, this speculation died. It is now believed that the new features have been deferred for the iOS version that will be unveiled in 2019. It is also worth noting that the reason for the delay is the bugs present in the iOS 11, Apple has decided to fix it and then move on to the new features.


The upcoming macOS is expected to offer under-the-hood enhancements to fix the problems. It is also expected to improve the general speed and performance of the device. Moreover, it is perhaps true that the company will not launch new macOS features this year during the Apple WWDC 2018, but it’s worth keeping in mind that the company is making an effort to get back the love of the professional industry. With that, there’s a possibility that during Apple WWDC 2018, the fans could see some developer or professional concentrated software features.

MacBook Air

The rumors about the MacBook Air have been very erratic. In fact, it has been speculated to be released during various dates in the past, but all those dates had passed without any launching. The Apple WWDC 2018 has certainly turned into a software concentrated event but there’s still the likelihood of seeing few Mac modernizations. Maybe a new MacBook Air can debut during the event.

It’s absolutely very questionable but the possibility of a newer MacBook Air being revealed at Apple WWDC 2018 can’t be ruled out. It could just come with little hardware upgrades like an innovative processor, bigger memory size, faster SSDs, better battery life and maybe a newer display as well.

iPhone SE2

As of this moment, the second generation iPhone SE is the most talked about iPhone. The said handset was originally rumored to be launched on March 2017, but then, that didn’t happen. Later it was speculated to release in March 2018, which also went by without any launch. With that, it is believed that the iPhone SE2 will now make its first appearance during Apple WWDC 2018.

Moreover, Olixar, a case-maker believed that the launch of the iPhone SE2 is forthcoming and has also started selling cases for the smartphone in advance. The company also shared some images of the alleged iPhone SE2, however, the leaked images have been considered “fake” by the industry experts. Nonetheless, the Apple WWDC 2018 could actually be the platform to showcase a new budget-friendly smartphone. It is also worth mentioning that Apple is good at unveiling newer phones with tiny hardware enhancements with just under 5 minutes of stage time. It can be done with just 4-5 slides and Phil Schiller is typically the guy who’ll do it.


Aside from the aforementioned devices and software, Siri is also expected to receive an overhaul during the Apple WWDC 2018. Since Siri’s rivals; Alexa and Google already received some updates, many are expecting that Siri will also receive some upgrades to be able to contend with its competitors.

These are the products that are expected to be unveiled during Apple WWDC 2018. Stay tuned for further announcements about this event!

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