Apple Wins Approval of Face ID For Macs, 51 Other Patents

Yves Amodia
8:12 PM

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office just officially approved 52 of Apple’s patent applications. This means that the company will be able to use these potential technologies in their products in the near future iMacs and other Mac products.

Apple gets 52 approved patents

One of the most exciting patents that gained approval is a Face ID-like technology that will be used for the Mac, according to Redmond Pie. While the patent does not specifically call it the Face ID, the mechanisms that run it is pretty much the same. It can also automatically log in a Mac through facial recognition.

A similar patent also alludes to the integration of gesture control for the Mac. It will make navigating through the MacOS easier than ever

The patent office also gave Apple the approval for features in Apple retail stores, according to Patently Apple. For example, an Apple Watch display table has understated features like a security system and temperature, audio and light sensors.

Another patent related to the retail store that has been approved indicates a display structure that has advanced design and features. The Retail Furnishings Group patent, which revolutionizes how the store will look like, also got an approval.

A unique patent that got approval from the patent office has to do with cars, according to Inverse. It describes an autonomous car system that informs other vehicle users in the same road about the current actions of the automobile.

While patents show potential pathways that Apple could take for their devices, it is not an assurance that these features will be part of the company’s next laptops, smartphones, and tablets. What fans can hope for is that it will become part of the future devices at some point.

Which of these patents do you think will make their way into upcoming Apple devices? Does this give Apple a strong advantage over its other competitors? Post a comment below so we will know about your opinions and thoughts.

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