Should You Buy The Apple Watch Series 4 Instead Of The Apple Watch Series 3?

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For months, there have been so many rumors, leaks, and speculations regarding the Apple Watch Series 4 smartwatch which was nevertheless positive. And finally, its official specs and features have been revealed.

So, is the said device worth buying? Is it more powerful compared to its predecessor – the Apple Watch Series 3? Well, let’s review some of its specifications.

It Has A Better Design

Compared to the Series 3, the Apple Watch 4 sports a seamless edge-to-edge display that’s 30 percent larger. It also comes with cellular support, and its back is made up of black ceramic and sapphire to which the Cupertino-based tech company claims will allow radio waves to flow with less resistance, thus improving reception. Lastly, it features a haptic feedback.

Suitable For Making Calls

The device comes with a speaker that reportedly 50 percent louder compared to its predecessors. With this, users will find the device suitable for making calls on the go. Perhaps it could even replace smartphones.

Better Fitness Tracking And Health Tracking Features

Its predecessor – Series 3 – came with reliable fitness and health tracking features. With the Series 4, the same can be said with but even better thanks to the addition of an electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor.  In fact, according to a report, Apple has already secured approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the said smartwatch to be considered as a legitimate medical device.

But wait… there’s more. It also has this feature that will allow it to detect when the wearer has fallen over. And if the wearer remains on the ground for over a minute, the smartwatch can make a call to emergency services.

Pricing And Availability

Currently, the Series 3 starting price is $279. Meanwhile, the Series 4 starts in at $399, or $499 for the cellular version.

For its availability, pre-orders will begin on September 14. A week later, specifically on September 21, it will be available in most markets.

The Battery Life

Regarding its battery life, sadly, there isn’t any change. Same as its predecessor, it will have an 18-hour “all day” battery life.


So, is it worth buying? If you don’t mind the price tag, it is worth buying, especially the feature where it can detect if the wearer remains on the ground for over a minute. For those who are living alone, this can save your life in case something happens to you.

But what do you think? Is the price reasonable? Will you be buying the Apple Watch Series 4? We would like to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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