Apple Watch Series 4 Patent Recommends Accessories To Boost Battery Life, or Warn Against Sunburn

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Apple has always been known to continuously develop and enhance the features of its Apple Watch. Latest rumors indicate that the forthcoming Apple Watch Series 4 will be showcasing a larger screen, enhanced sensors for heart rate tracking, etc.

The sleep tracking company, Beddit, was purchased by Apple. Thus, notions to expect further improvement in terms of other accessories to the Watch is being counted on. Rumors also hinted that a non-invasive glucose tracking is being worked on. However, the latter won’t probably be seen for quite some time yet.

An inside source from Apple reported that a new patent has disclosed that Apple is thinking of better ways to sustain the well-being of its users in other ways, like protecting the skin. The said patent recommends that wearers of the Apple Watch Series 4 can gain sunburn protection via a UV-IR spectrometer that can detect infrared along with ultraviolet rays.

apple watch series 4

credit- Apple Insider

The above add-ons are going to be integrated into a wearable contraption that will be on an independent device which conveys messages to the iPhone or Apple Watch. Clearly, the UV-IR Spectrometer measures the extent and volume of infrared light that is cast back on the skin. Hence, this advises the user if sufficient sunscreen was applied to the skin or not.

Detailing the above information is just substantiating the fact that Apple is prioritizing the adding of wellness, fitness and health tools in its upcoming Apple Watch 4.

A second Apple patent application divulged by the Apple inside source vaguely states that an “auxiliary electronic device attachable to a wearable electronic device.” This statement probably means that there will be another device which will be connected to the Apple Watch.

The other device mentioned above will be equipped with sensors, and will probably be installed beneath the watch for easier sense transmittal. The second patent likewise states that the add-on device attached to the Apple Watch Series 4 may be utilized to convey power to the Watch.

Taking the preceding statement into consideration, it is likely that the attached device is an additional battery to provide power for the Apple Watch for longer life. However, the patent recommends that this particular add-on must be hidden from plain sight, and alignment magnets will be utilized to secure it in place.

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