Apple Watch Series 4: Every Item On Our Wishlist For Next Smartwatch

Yves Amodia
6:26 PM

Less than a few weeks from now, we will be finally laying our eyes on the Apple Watch Series 4. The device, which will serve as the latest entry in the company’s popular wearables line, will be seeing major upgrades in features and specs.

What we wish is on Apple Watch Series 4

With Apple tight-lipped about the upcoming smartwatch device, we can only speculate and wish about the possible features and specs that we will be seeing. These are eight items that we wish will be integrated into the fourth Apple Watch:

Addition of more controls on the side

As great as the touchscreen of the current Apple Watch is, it has its limitations. For example, you cannot use the device when you have it on Water Lock mode. One way to resolve this is by putting a control on the sides, even just a soft key or button.

Always-on display

A lot of people have issues with the fact that users have to wait for the current Apple Watch model to turn on. It would be cool if Apple integrates an always-on display for the Apple Watch Series 4 as it is incredibly popular for a lot of Android smartphones.

Thinner body

The Apple Watch Series 3 is a bit bulkier than usual. The Apple Watch 4 should be a bit thinner so that it will not be a big bulge when it is put in the pocket.

Improved battery life

There is room for improvement in the battery life of the Apple Watch Series 3. Hopefully, the Apple Watch Series 4 will bring major upgrades to the power efficiency of the apps.


Apple had a huge role in the popularity of podcasts. It would be smart for the company to integrate Podcasts into the smartwatch so that users can listen while exercising.

Sports-friendly design

The Apple Watch Series 3 is stronger than it looks. However, some users want it to have a more rugged look to it.


To prevent getting lost when jogging, the presence of a Compass app is definitely helpful. It would make the Apple Watch Series 4 even more reliable.

USB-C slots

As the popularity of USB-C slots continues to rise among Apple fans, it looks like the fourth Apple Watch will feature a USB-C slot. This means that you can use an iPhone charger with your smartwatch as well.

Credible reports on Apple smartwatch features

If there is one thing that is already sure, it is that the fourth Apple Watch will have improved health monitoring. One of the most innovative changes will be moving some of the health functions to the watch band, according to Mac Observer. This will enable the manufacturer to put in a bigger battery, which may improve the battery life.

There may also be an opportunity for Apple to improve its connectivity. When the next Apple Watch has 5G and LTE connectivity, it will be more efficient for users.

There is a strong chance that the company will be sticking with a September release for the fourth Apple Watch. If it will be unveiled in a major event, the Apple Watch Series 4 could be announced with other major products like the three new iPhones and an update to the iPad Pro.

What are the items on your own wishlist for the Apple Watch Series 4? Will you be buying it the moment it hits the stores and retailers? Let us know by posting a comment in the section below.

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