Apple Watch Series 4 Could Be The Next No. 1 Watch Around The World? Find Out All Details

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The tech giant Apple started developing the Apple Watch back in October 2011. This is shortly after the Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs died. Then, this device was introduced in 2014 and got released a year after that. So, this is the first device that the company had in the post-Steve Jobs era.

According to Inquisitr, Jobs was actually not welcome to the idea of releasing the Apple watch to their consumers because this was created from the minds of Jony Ive and his colleagues. This is entirely a new device under the new Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook following the Jobs’ death. When Cook unveiled the first-generation device on September 9, 2014, he described the wearable as the most personal device that the company has ever created giving the audience a standing ovation.

Ive mentioned that Jobs had never shown his interest in the concept. He also did not recall mentioning with Jobs about the concept. However, the watch enthusiasts were highly anticipating it. Ive and his team worked on the wearable in late 2011 until the entire 2012. Rumors began surfacing not long after that.

At the same time, Kevin Lynch was hired to be the president of technology in 2013. He became in charge of the Apple Watch project. Then, the Apple Watch Series 2 was launched in 2016 showcasing improvements to the original Apple Watch. The company still continued to release an improved version on sale and branded it as the Apple Watch Series 1.

Then, the Apple Watch Series 3 was released last year with LTE connectivity. This was the first time a wearable has this feature.  This was the time that the company overtook Rolex as the No. 1 watchmaker in the world. This year, the Apple Watch Series 4 is already expected to debut this September 12 at “Gather Round” event that the company is set to host.

So, what do you think of the successful timeline of the company and the upcoming radically designed Apple Watch Series 4? Share your valuable thoughts with us by writing in the comment section below.

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