Apple Watch Series 4 Comes With Refreshed Design? Latest Rumor, Specs, and Release Date Detailed

Daphne Planca
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The highly anticipated Apple Watch Series 4 is expected to be the first wearable device to feature a refreshed design ever since 2014. Even if it is also expected with many changes to technology, it is not that different than the other devices seen on the market now.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo tipped that this device will come with a newer design and a larger screen, which is around 15 percent bigger than the current Apple Watch model. Its display will likely happen since the tech giant Apple is fond of thinner bezels in their gadgets.

According to reports, this new wearable device will also probably offer more cool improvements like battery life and enhanced health monitoring.  It might include a built-in EKG heart monitor and bands with blood glucose monitors.

Avid fans are hoping its design is more on around Apple Watch and not anymore on the rectangular display. They are also predicting a more trendy form with other health sensors not just heart monitoring, and a larger battery capacity. If these changes are adopted in the new device, then its record sales will go up to 24 million units this year.

Credit- Patently Apple

Keeping its bands compatible with every version of the wearable would be better than simply and suddenly replace them to fit a new watch while continuing to innovate it in other ways. New band designs and colors are great for this new device. The addition of third-party watch faces in a calendar year and watchOS 5 with a Notes app, a smarter Siri, and native podcast streaming would also be nice.

The release date of this Apple Watch Series 4 will debut in the third quarter of this year, which was nearly three years ago when it was first announced. It would probably be announced either on June 4 during the WWDC 2018 or sometime in early September alongside its 2018 iPhone. Even if the first wearable sold well, a major update would be nicer letting go of the same square design and feature set, such as the addition of LTE, GPS, etc.

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