Apple Watch 4: Release Date, Specs, and More - Everything You Need To Know

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We all know that Apple is gearing up for a release of the much-awaited next batch of iPhones this year. However, though that’s the primary goal, it seems like the Cupertino-based tech innovator also has something different brewing behind the scenes and it has something to do with the Apple Watch 4.

Although the company has kept mum over the issue of the next Apple Watch generation, information and details keep finding their way out of the workhouse into our screens. With that said, we’ve gathered everything there is to know about the much-anticipated smartwatch. From launch date to specifications down to rumored features, we tried our best to keep you filled in on all respects. So, scroll down to start!

Release Date

Though not much has been said about the Apple Watch 4, it definitely makes sense to expect the watch to drop this year. If we analyze the release date of the previous editions, it consistently follows a strict schedule.

From the first apple watch to the third, Apple always chose sometime in September as the unveiling date. With this, we think that Apple will be coming out with the fourth edition this year in September -probably alongside the new batch of iPhones.

Design and Form-factor

Apple is not known to really step-up the game when it comes to design and form. A great example of this would be the Apple iPhone, which remained unchanged through the years. However, with the release of the iPhone X, it seems like they too are willing to step out of their comfort zone.

Taking this into account, we think that the Apple Watch 4 might be in for a drastic redesign. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (via MacRumors), the watch is going to be subjected to major alterations design-wise. Apple is allegedly going to ramp up the size of the display than the previous iterations which only came in 38mm or 42mm.

Rumors say that this change in design will be in the form of a circular dialer. Judging by Apple’s recent departure with Touch ID on the iPhone X, it seems plausible for the company to do the same with the Apple Watch and its square dialer. Though it’s promising, there’s still not enough evidence to support the claim.

Specifications and Features

As with anything new, we expect the Apple Watch Series 4 to be much faster and better than its predecessor. There’s a big possibility that Apple will integrate bigger circuit boards on the next watch in order to accommodate more complex functions and features.

One feature that’s been rumored to appear on the new watch is the iPhone X’s Face ID capability. If true, this new addition will forego the traditional PIN security for the watch. Aside from this, video calls can now be made directly through the accessory without having to connect the phone to the watch.

Aside from this, Apple is also said to put emphasis on fitness with this edition. They are said to be implementing an advanced technology to monitor user heart rate, the EKG or ECG (electrocardiogram). In addition to this, recent patent designs from Apple show that the new watch will also be capable of tracking the breathing rhythm of users.

Another aspect that Apple intends to improve on is the watch’s battery life. Kuo says that Apple will be adopting larger battery cells for the Apple Watch 4.

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