Apple Watch Series 4 Possible New Features Hinted During watchOS 5 Launch

Maricris Jose
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A lot of fans are still waiting for the details about Apple Watch Series 4 release and the new specs and features it will sport. Luckily, during the watchOS 5 launch, some possible features of the much-anticipated watch are revealed. Here are some of them:

Better Watch For Runners

The watchOS 5 will be adding some things that the runners have been crying out. Nonetheless, these features won’t be reserved for the Apple Watch 4, but this indicates that Apple is taking fitness earnestly. With that beings aid, it is expected that we will see extra hardware features in the upcoming Apple Watch that would further benefit runners and those who do other kinds of exercise.

Better Speaker

There’s also some indication that the Apple Watch Series 4 would flaunt a better speaker compared to the Apple Watch 3. It is worth noting that the watchOS 5 includes various other new audio features. With that many believed that the upcoming Apple Watch will be equipped with a better speaker facilitate all the new features.

Better battery life

Even though the Apple Watch 3 already flaunts a good battery life by smartwatch standards, there’s still plenty of room for enhancement. The watchOS 5 might possibly be more of a drain due to one of its new features which were the ability to activate Siri by simply raising your wrist.

That basically means Siri will be listening out for commands a lot, even there’s none coming. In that case, there’s a good chance that Apple will work to either stick in a larger battery or make the hardware and software more proficient so that Siri will not drain the Apple Watch 4 too much.

Bigger focus on LTE models

Another, possibly more fun watchOS 5 features is Walkie-Talkie. This will let you send a voice message through the use of your Apple Watch to a friend who also uses an Apple Watch. This feature will surely require WiFi or LTE connectivity.

With that in mind, it won’t be a surprise if Apple puts a larger focus on LTE for the Apple Watch 4. This could possibly be done by offering additional LTE features to make it more beneficial or reducing the price of the LTE model in comparison with the standard one.

No Third Party Faces

There have been rumors about the third-party watch faces, but they’ve not been publicized as part of watchOS 5. In case you were hoping for this feature, then this might be saved for the much-awaited Apple Watch Series 4.

Nonetheless, it is worth emphasizing that in case the third-party watch faces were coming we perhaps wouldn’t see Apple put so much concentration on continuing to improve and highlight its own. With the third-party apps able to assimilate with the Siri’s face, there’s possibly less need for them from Apple’s viewpoint, although third-party faces are still something that Apple fans are hoping to see.

These are the possible new features that the Apple Watch Series 4 will have based on the recently announced watchOS5. Always stay tuned for further announcements regarding the upcoming watch from the Cupertino-based tech company.

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