Apple Watch 4: New Smartwatch May Have New Walkie-Talkie Feature

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Apart from the trio of iPhones that is rumored to come from Apple, the Cupertino, California-based tech giant is also busy working on the Apple Watch 4. The follow-up to the acclaimed smartwatch product line is reported to be scheduled for release before the year ends.

Apple Watch 4’s innovative walkie-talkie feature

Apple is said to be working hard to integrate a walkie-talkie feature to the WatchOS 5, according to Forbes. The said operating system is reported to be the one that will be used for the Apple Watch Series 4 when it reaches stores. The walkie-talkie feature enables two Apple Watch users to initiate a short call between each other. This will be done with the help of either cellular data or Wi-Fi.

To contact another Apple Watch user, an invite just has to be accepted by the recipient. By pressing the “Talk” button, the users can already talk with each other through the speakers or AirPods.

One advantage that makes the feature a great addition to the new product is the fact that it uses little data. The calls are also quite secure as the audio files are not recorded. This makes the Apple Watch 4 a must-have for privacy-savvy individuals.

Credit- Forbes

No Modern Buckle band?

In related Apple Watch news, it seems that the company has decided to discontinue the Modern Buckle band. It is no longer available in the Apple Watch band page, according to 9to5 Mac. A lot of tech experts point to its high price as a possible reason for the phase-out.

The Modern Buckle was released alongside the first Apple Watch. It was one of the first few accessories for the then-new product.

Do you think the rumored walkie-talkie feature of the Apple Watch 4 will be useful? Let us know by posting a comment below.

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