Apple Is Working On Affordable TV Dongle Similar To Google Chromecast?

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The tech giant Apple is reportedly considering the launch of an affordable TV dongle similar to the devices from Amazon’s Fire TV stick and Google’s Chromecast. This dongle will likely increase the uptake of the company’s anticipated upcoming TV service that will be competing Netflix for streaming original TV content.

According to Forbes, this dongle will have access to the company’s video streaming service to be available in more than 100 countries. The company was previously reported to launch its TV service for US customers in the first half of 2019, specifically as early as March 2019. This streaming service will only be available on the iPad, Apple TV, and iPhone.

So far, the company is working on more than a dozen original TV shows. There are also deals with production companies for movies. You can already browse the full list of all of the company’s projects in their Apple TV roundup.

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It would be nicer if the company will design another dongle that is similar to Google’s excellent Chromecast Audio. Adding Apple’s AirPlay wireless audio streaming to a home stereo setup has become a problem. The company stopped selling its AirPort Express and the Mk II Apple TV. They also withdrew from the Wi-Fi market.

As of now, there is no cheap way to add the expensive high-quality Apple AirPlay streaming to your home audio setup. You can use the excellent BlueSound Node 2i and stereo systems with AirPlay built-in as an alternative. However, if you don’t have them or Chromecast built in and you want to stream affordably, buy the Chromecast Audio dongle or resort to Bluetooth. Unfortunately, subscribing to Apple Music is a necessity yet quite annoying. This is because the company did not allow its Apple Music app to stream to such Chrome Audio devices.

So, what do you think about Apple’s affordable TV dongle? Will you purchase it? Share your thoughts and wishlist by writing in the comment section below.

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