Apple TV 4 tvOS 10.2.2 Greeng0blin Jailbreak Tool Downloadable Now

Maricris Jose
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With the unstoppable progress in the jailbreak community, there’s no wonder that even tvOS are receiving liberation. Recently, Greeng0blin, the jailbreak tool for Apple TV 4 tvOS 10.2.2 is now available and downloadable.

Apple TV 4 tvOS 10.2.2 Greeng0blin Jailbreak Background

The Greeng0blin jailbreak for Apple TV 4 tvOS 10.2.2 arrives having full support for the extremely popular nitoTV software. Since the Cupertino-based tech giant is still signing tvOS 10.2.2, those who wanted to liberate their Apple TVs still have the option to downgrade and a utilize the tool.

For a quick reference, nitoTV is the platform that essentially acts as Cydia on the set-top box. Just in case the Apple TV owners wanted to try the jailbreak they will have to install the nitoYV installer app on their device.

Installing the nitoTV will further allow them to install numerous jailbreak tweaks and apps on the jailbroken Apple TV. These applications and tweaks are additions that Apple limits on the App Store and having this app will give the users more liberty and control over their device.

Moreover, it is worth noting that there are a number of other things included in the jailbreak as well, this includes Substrate support, DPKG, and APT. This only means that with all of these choices accessible, they can have a fully featured jailbreak on their hands.

Where to Download the Apple TV 4 tvOS 10.2.2 Greeng0blin Jailbreak

Just in case the owners of the Apple TV 4 with tvOS 10.2.2 version wanted to jailbreak their devices, they can download the Greeng0blin jailbreak from the official website. This tool functions on tvOS 9.x to 10.2.2.

The users will have to download the IPA file for the Greeng0blin jailbreak and sideload it thru Cydia Impactor. After it’s done, they must run the application in order to jailbreak. This will let them experience full jailbreak on their Apple TV 4.

As of this moment, this is the current tool for Apple TV 4 with tvOS 10.2.2 version. Please stay tuned as we’ll keep you updated for future jailbreak tool release for Apple TVs.

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