Apple To Launch Budget-Friendly iPhone 9 But Has An Irreparable Design Problem

Maricris Jose
3:37 PM

Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 9 this year and based on some speculations it will be a budget-friendly device with iPhone X-styling. Unluckily, it is also said to arrive with an irreparable design issue.

According to Forbes, a tweet from a prolific, shadowy, and dependable tipster Ice Universe has established the so-called ‘budget iPhone X’ or ‘iPhone 9’ will not and can’t appear like the more classy second-generation iPhone X and new iPhone X Plus. This is because of the budget limitations. Here’s what Ice Universe tweeted:

This is right since, in spite of developing a new pioneering display connector, the Cupertino-based tech giant can’t lessen the bezel just to match that of the more classy OLED models. In a best-case situation, the dissimilarity between them is a bit small. Meanwhile, for the worst-case scenario, the 3D modeling has shown this concept makes the iPhone 9 appear like a toy.

But despite that, Apple still deserves noteworthy credit for making an LCD iPhone which will feature slimmer bezels compared to almost all of the Android OLED smartphones. It’s just a bit of infamy since Apple is so determined in mimicking the iPhone X and iPhone X Plus design, that the budget iPhone unnecessarily transmits its thicker bezel to the sides as well. This device could have had its own exclusive look.

As an alternative, it will be those thick sides which will bargain the iPhone 9’s budget roots to others. That might prove to be a stumbling point for some of the buyers, more than the handset’s other relatively insignificant compromises.

Nonetheless, these details are advised to be taken with a pinch of salt, since Apple hasn’t confirmed this information yet. With that, it is advised that you keep an eye for further announcements regarding the iPhone 9.

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