Apple September Event 2018: List of Apple Devices That Might Not Make It This Year

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Apple’s main September event is almost within the corner and we might see a huge surprise from the company about their new products. How about the other products from the company might is less popular and were not given the proper attention. Let’s take a look at other Apple devices that might get an update but may not make it to Apple’s event on time.

Expected players like the new generation iPhones are the hottest topics in the news today, especially the talked about budget iPhone that will be more accessible to the public. Another noteworthy product in the line is the reworked Apple Watches that features a bunch of new stuff and will probably get new sensors paired with a bigger screen than its predecessors.

MacBooks are highly anticipated in the event. The MacBook Air replacement that will be in the form of a 13-inch MacBook is also said to steal the show. How about the Apple products that are also running the show? This time, we’ll talk about them.

Mac Mini 2

The first candidate for this is the Mac Mini 2. This minicomputer was one of the most inexpensive Mac computers out there. Although it made an impact on some users, the original Mac Mini was not that popular with most consumers and mostly overshadowed by other Mac computers.

For that reason, we saw that the Mac Mini received very few significant updates in the last couple of years. Could we see this mini computer this year? There is a very slim chance that the Mac Mini 2 could make its way to Apple’s product line.

If the company decided to keep the Mac Mini line, they will need to have a huge update. However, with all the attention focused at MacBooks and iPhones, the minicomputer might not get enough introduction to Apple’s event.

Streaming Service for Apple TV

We have seen some revamps in Apple’s TV streaming services present in Apple TV. However, we feel like it is not yet enough to make a huge impact right away. It may come in the near future but we will be very surprised if we see this in the company’s event. It would be logical to see the streaming service probably mid next year but an introduction at the event would be nice too.


With Apple’s release of the iOS 12 that features improved control over smart home devices, it is like synonymous with improvements to HomePod and Apple TVs. The possible updates for HomePods might not come this year, but like on the streaming service for Apple TV, it may get some screen time but will not arrive until later next year.

Apple’s September Event

The company’s September event usually runs for roughly two to three hours. Now with all the products lined up for introduction in that short span, do you think Apple will be able to squeeze in all of its devices in one event? There are many people believing that the company will use another big surprise event before the end of the year to accommodate other Apple products that were not mentioned. Although the chances are slim, they could still do another event since Apple is Apple.

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