Apple's Self-Driving Car Patent Uses 'Intent Signals' For Destination

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After revolutionizing the world’s smartphone, tablet, laptop and smartwatch experience, it looks like Apple has set its sights now on cars. News of its most recent patent application seems to indicate that the Cupertino, California-based company has ambitious goals for its first automobile product.

Predicting the destination

Apple is reported to be developing a technology that will detect the driver’s destination, according to 9 to 5 Mac. A new patent application from the company describes the use of “intent signals” from the passenger to determine the exact destination that they want to go to.

The Apple patent describes indirect methods as a way to direct the car to the passenger’s planned destination. The passenger can tell the car to go to a certain destination and the car can then ask for clarification to guide it further.

Credit- Patently Apple

The patent also details another approach that makes use of gestures, according to Gear Brain. Through a combination of gestures and voice commands from the passenger, the self-driving car can direct itself to the exact destination.

Self-driving car race

While news of Apple creating a self-driving car is not a recent development, the company’s goal of utilizing intent signals means that it is pulling all the stops to get ahead of its other competitors. Apple is not the only company that is inching closer to the world’s first mass-produced self-driving cars.

Swedish auto giant, Volvo, is also developing its own self-driving automobile, according to The Verge. It is currently working with the startup Luminar to integrate laser sensors into its new cars. The Swedish company’s self-driving cars may be produced as early as 2021.

Another corporation that is not having as much luck with its own efforts is Tesla. Its semi-autonomous driving system had a second fatality back in March.

Are you excited about Apple self-driving car as other people? Let us know your thoughts about this upcoming product by posting your comments below.

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