Apple October Event: What We Want To See On The 2018 iMac

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Apple just sent out invites for its upcoming event this October. Among the devices that tech enthusiasts are waiting to see is the iMac 2018.

The Press Invite

Apple has hosted October events in the past (2012, 2013, 2014 and 2016), which is why it wasn’t a surprise when the Cupertino-based tech company announced that they will be hosting an event this month. Before the date was even announced, it was already speculated to be on the 3rd or 4th week of October.

As you can see from this Twitter announcement, the name of the event is “There’s more in the making”. It will be held at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Howard Gilman Opera House on the 30th of October – 10:00 am EDT.

The iMac 2018

The iMac 2018 is one of the highly anticipated Apple gadgets this year. Although there’s little to no information about it, that didn’t stop tech enthusiasts in making a wish list on what they want to see for the 2018 version.

A Revamped Design

The currently available iMac features an awesome design. But still, it would be great if Apple could make it slimmer or offer it with more color options.

Taking Inspiration From The iMac Pro

One of the things that make the iMac Pro such a great device is its solid state drives. If the iMac Pro will have this, it will allow Apple to make it slimmer and give it a huge boost. Another is the iMac Pro’s cooling technology.

Taking Inspiration From The MacBook and iPhone

Other devices that the iMac 2018 should take inspiration from are the MacBook and iPhone. From the MacBook, it will be the Touch Bar. Meanwhile, from the iPhone, it’ll be Face ID.

More Powerful Specs

Just like any other device that has a predecessor, the successor must come with more powerful specs.

In regards to its processor, the ideal chip will be the latest Coffee Lake Refresh CPUs so that Apple fans could have access to the 8-core chips. Meanwhile, graphics-wise, it will be AMD’s Vega graphics cards (AMD Vega 64 series).

Do you agree with the wish list? Also, are you excited for the iMac 2018? Tell us in the comment section below.

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