Apple March Event 2018: A List of Things to Expect in Apple’s Education Event

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Apple isn’t one to take it easy on surprises. That’s why many of us are expecting something big to come during the tech giant’s surprise ‘educational event,’ which aims to inform and brainstorm new ideas on the specific platform that is teachers and students. The event, scheduled this coming March 27 in Chicago, is keeping details under a tight lid, describing the function as a mere ‘fieldtrip’ rather than an outright unveiling.

Despite its true nature being kept under wraps, we still believe that this event might be signaling something larger than what Apple leads on. Here, we’ve listed down all the possible eye-popping revelations that might see an outing on Apple’s much-speculated event.

A New MacBook

One rumor that’s been in the open for quite some time now is the existence of a new MacBook model. This particular speculation was first set into motion by KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Kuo believes that Apple is planning to release a cheaper version of the current MacBook Air model with a 13.3-inch screen, which hasn’t seen much of an upgrade in recent years.

Another industry insider, in the form of Digitimes, has indicated that Apple is indeed coming out with a new model, albeit in the MacBook Pro series. This upcoming MacBook computer is said to be coming with a retina display similar to the latest MacBook Pro edition.

Although there are still no confirmations, Apple is highly likely to be planning on releasing a new computer for the MacBook Air series seeing as it’s been a fairly long time since the tech giant refreshed the lineup. However, iPhoneHacks says that Apple might be thinking of thing beyond the MacBook Air roster, they insist that the California-based tech company is probably going to replace the lineup entirely with this new MacBook model.

An upgraded Pencil accessory

Another rumored product which Apple is said to be secretly developing is a new installment of the iPad accessory, the Apple Pencil. Many media outlets have pointed out that this particular product will likely see an unveiling during the March event. This is because the Pencil was released two and a half years ago and until now it has not seen any concrete promise of enhancements. With this in mind, it seems highly probable that Apple is going to make use of this event to unveil the successor to its stylus accessory.

In terms of features, many claims that Apple is aiming to improve the Pencil’s overall functionality by incorporating a new touch sensitive technology to the new stylus’ tip, which will theoretically remove the hassle of constantly scrolling with fingers. Aside from this, the new Pencil will also be getting a couple more pressure sensors to better cater to artists and illustrators working on their tablet series the iPad.

New iPad models

According to The Verge, a new iPad model might be the only rumor that will see an unveiling during Apple’s educational event. This is because Apple, most recently, has been pushing its tablet series into the hands of educators and students. Seeing as it’s in sync with their current endeavor of penetrating the educational industry, it’s safe to say that Apple is going to showcase the new iPad in this function. This new model is intended to be on the affordable side, which is the best strategy when it comes to their current audience target.

Besides this, Apple is also readying itself to refresh its Pro tablet series with the rumored iPad Pro 3. This new iPad Pro, taking into account Apple’s ad showcases as of present, is likely to be marketed towards children — still in line with their initial goal of penetrating the teaching trade.

Currently, it’s still unknown whether these two rumored iPad models are one and the same.

New iBooks App

Back in 2012, when Apple held a similar event, the iBooks application got the most attention. Last time, they added a new Author function for the app, which made it a lot easier to create books for the platform. Seeing as it has been six years since they last made major changes to the app, it only means that Apple is probably set on introducing a new iteration of the iBooks. To back this claim up, Bloomberg has indicated that Apple is currently in the process of revamping the iBooks app –a move undertaken to rival Amazon’s success in the ebooks scene.

iPhone SE 2

In terms of speculations, the new iPhone SE 2 is on top of the list. According to rumors, the new device will sport the same form as its predecessor, however, it will come with an upgraded bezel-less screen, an enhanced Touch-ID sensor, and a 12-megapixel rear camera.

Although news about the iPhone SE 2 is abundant online, many are skeptical if it will see a release during the March event, primarily due to the lack of definitive leaks and information. This idea has also been seconded by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, telling fans that Apple won’t be unveiling a new phone until next year.

OS updates and New features

Judging from the event’s overall theme, it’s possible that Apple will be showcasing new features that will be coming to its devices to go along with its aim of penetrating the education sector. In previous updates, specifically iOS 9, Apple has integrated classroom support functionality to its devices with the most notable being the multi-user attribute. This particular setting functions by enabling multiple users to create accounts on a single iPad — a feature exclusive for iPads used in schools. Taking into consideration Apples’ previous steps and their current intent of integrating their devices into the classroom setting then, it’s only appropriate that they reveal new insights on this particular field during the event.

Though it’s not impossible for all of these to be publicized during the event, fans and consumers should still look towards Apple for confirmation and announcements. Additionally, if we’re talking about Apple then the only thing certain is that they will be keeping things along the lines of unexpected.

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