Apple MacBook Air 2018 Could Be Delayed, 'Ultrathin' Version Coming And Will Be Cheaper

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For years, fans have been waiting for Apple to release a new MacBook Air. This year alone has been no different with so many rumors, leaks, and speculations being reported about the said laptop. In fact, last July, 5 new MacBook models were spotted on the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) and were reported to come in the second half of the year – presumably on September or October.

But this time around, new details have been revealed regarding its release. So, when is the MacBook Air 2018 coming exactly coming? How much will it cost?

The Release

Next week, specifically on September 12, 2018, is reportedly going to be Apple’s event for the unveiling of the iPhone models along with other gadgets. One of the devices that are expected to make an appearance on the event is the MacBook Air 2018.

However, new details have been revealed claiming that the said laptop won’t be featured in the event. Instead, it will come in October or November. The reason for this is because Intel is reportedly experiencing serious shortages with its 8th-generation Amber Lake and Whiskey Lake processors (the MacBook Air 2018 is said to feature Amber Lake chips) which could in return relatively affect vendors’ sales.

An ‘Ultrathin’ Model Coming

On the recent IFA 2018 event, a number of ultrathin laptops were unveiled which gathered a lot of attention from the public and from news publishing sites. Amidst all the reports, one report was made claiming that the Cupertino-based company is also expected to unveil its new ultrathin MacBook soon.

A Cheaper Price

One report gave a number of interesting predictions. One of the predictions was regarding its price tag. As you may have already heard, the Cupertino company is rumored to release a “low cost” laptop. Given that the currently available model starts at $999, the report predicts that it will cost $100 less, making it $899.

Are you excited about the MacBook Air 2018? When do you think it will be released? What do you think will be its starting price?

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