Apple MacBook Air 2018 To Come Later This Year, But Will It Be Accepted With High Praise?

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One of the highly anticipated laptops to come this year is the MacBook Air 2018 due to its price and specs. So when can we expect it? How much will it cost? Will the public welcome it with open arms once it will be released?

The Release Date

Last month, a report was made about 5 new MacBook models that were spotted on the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC). The models were A1931, A1932, A1988, A1989, and A1990.

These made reports suggest that one of the said models is the MacBook Air 2018. In addition to that, it will be released later this year — presumably on September or October.

The Price Tag

For the price tag, there are no official announcements or any solid rumors about it. All we can do as of now is cite the price of the currently available model which starts at $999.

Will the 2018 MacBook Air Be Popular Once Released?

One of the reasons why this device’s line was so popular in the first place was because of its not-so-high price tag. However, Apple may have a bit of a hard time this time around, because currently, the market for powerful but affordable laptops has been increasing.

Take the Chromebooks for example. They are priced between $399 to $499, while the Pixelbook starts in at $999. There’s also the Inspiron 13 from Dell which starts at $829.99.

With this, if the Cupertino-based company wants the MacBook Air to have a chance to stand out, not only do they have to bring down the price, they also must pack in the right specs and features. Let’s be honest, Apple isn’t the only tech company that’s releasing laptops annually. Sure, devices from well-known companies tend to be more popular, but most people are smarter than that.

Design Rumors

In terms of design, MacBook Air 2018 is expected to have a makeover. Why? Well, one report suggests that the said device’s basic physical design hasn’t changed in 10 years. There’s also an expectation that it will come with Retina display.

A New Low-Cost Laptop Coming?

Apparently, a new laptop that’s similar to the MacBook Air is also set to come. It will sport a 13-inch screen with thinner bezels and a Retina display.

Are you excited about 2018 MacBook Air? Will you be willing to buy it? We would like to hear from you in the comment section below.

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