Apple MacBook Air 2018 and Mac Mini Pro Could Be Launched This Month

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With September finally over, we’re now looking for what Apple has in store for us this October. To be specific, we’re expecting Apple to hold a press event for the MacBook Air 2018 and Mac Mini 2018 or Mac Mini Pro.

The October Event

Last month, many tech enthusiasts were hoping that the Mac Mini Pro and MacBook Air 2018 to be launched alongside the 2018 iPhones. But sadly that wasn’t the case.

Now, reports are suggesting that Apple could hold an event for the said devices. If this is true, an article at 9to5mac notes that the Cupertino-based tech company could send out invites at the 19th (Wednesday) and then hold the event on the 27th (Thursday) – this has been the case two years ago.

What To Expect From The MacBook Air 2018

Last month, we reported that the MacBook Air 2018 will come either in October or November. The reason behind this is because Intel is reportedly experiencing shortages with its 8th generation Amber Lake and Whiskey chips – the MacBook Air is said to be packed with Amber Lake chips.

Another rumor comes from well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. According to Kuo, a “low-cost” 13-inch MacBook Air 2018 is coming by the end of the year and that there’s a possibility that it will replace the position of the current 12-inch MacBook. However, despite this, this also provides a number of reports with conflicting theories because neither can tell with full accuracy whether the said laptop will sit alongside the 12-inch MacBook and 13-inch MacBook Air, replace one of them, or replace both of them.

As for the other rumored features, it will come with Touch ID, Retina display, and an addition of USB-C. In addition to this was also a report that’s been floating around that Apple will be releasing a new ultrathin MacBook soon. However we’re not sure which MacBook model it was referring to, but it’s still quite interesting to take into consideration though.

What To Expect From The Mac Mini Pro

For the Mac Mini 2018 Pro, we’ll be basing its rumored specs and features on an article published last month. Apparently, it will sport an improved processor and more plentiful storage options which will in return enable users to squeeze in as many videos, photos, and files as they wish.

In regards to its processor, the article hopes that it will be Intel’s 8th-generation U-Series Intel Core CPU. In terms of design, it was rumored that the 2018 Mac Mini will be larger to which led people to speculate that more powerful components will be added because it will require more room for better cooling.

Do you think that Apple will be holding a press event this month? Which of the two devices are you looking forward the most? Tell us in the comment section below.

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