Apple Mac Mini 2018 Latest Update: Launch Date, Price, And Design

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While rumors about Apple planning to come up with all new entry-level MacBook is doing the rounds, it is being speculated that there will be a revamp of the Apple Mac Mini, which has been neglected for so long. The speculation arose out of the company’s confirmation that the Mac mini is still important to it.

Apple’s Mac Mini was updated last in October 2014. It was being thought till now that the low-cost and new age Mac mini will never see the light of the day. Apple, however, in an event held in April 2017 confirmed that Mac Mini holds a very significant place in the company’s lineup, and added that it is “an important product.”

In spite of the less attention it has received, it continues to be a popular option since it is cheap. We have for you the latest updates, rumors, price, and release date of Apple’s new product:

Mac Mini 2018 Release Date

Apple has in recent years held events to announce about new products hitting the market at least four times a year. Announcements have usually been made so far either in March during spring, at the WWDC event held in June, at an iPhone- event in September, or at an October event. According to Macworld, Mac Mini 2018 will release at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) event in June 2018.

Mac Mini 2018 Price

There are three different models of Apple Mac mini available in the market now. While the cheapest comes at £479 (approx $661), the second one is priced at £679 (approx $936). The costliest model comes at £949 (approx $1,308). Mac Mini 2018 update will come at a similar or a bit higher pricing. Depending on your requirement, you choose the one that best suits your needs.

Mac Mini 2018 Design

There has been no change in the design of the Mac Mini since 2010. However, the product might get thinner and smaller this year. According to a report on Pikes Universum, Mac Mini 2 would be larger in order to include powerful components. There are also several rumors floating around in regards to this year’s Mac mini design with some claiming that Apple wanted to design this product on the lines of Mac Pro and with others suggesting the addition of Apple TV’s functionality to a Mac mini to be used as a home entertainment device.

The present dimensions are: 3.6cm high, 19.7cm wide, weighing 1.22kg. Rumors of a smaller size similar to an Apple TV are doing the rounds. The dimensions in talks are 2.3 cm high, 9.8cm wide, with a weight of 0.27kg.

Mac Mini 2018 Graphics Card

Apple Mac Mini 2018 update will most probably not change the current range of the product’s models with integrated Intel graphics. However, Apple had recently updated the iMac models with discrete graphics cards. It is hence a good idea for the company to include the option of the discrete graphics card in the Mac mini range as well. This would help it in gaining acknowledgment as a gaming machine.

In case the company chooses to use the Coffee Lake processors for Mac Mini 2 as rumored, there is the likelihood that they use Iris Plus Graphics 655. This will be a huge leap from the Intel Iris Graphics 5100 and Intel HD Graphics 5000 options in the 2014 Mac mini.

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