Apple iPhone SE2 New Leaked Renders Spotted: All-Screen Design With Notch And More

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Last September 2018, Apple stopped selling the iPhone SE to which reports say was a move in order to make room for the iPhone XR. But then in mid-January 2019, the said device made an official comeback in the Apple store.

This time around, brand new renders of its supposed successor, the iPhone SE 2 (or iPhone SE2), were spotted by Tech Garage. The renders suggest that it will come with a full-screen design with a notch and more.

The Leaked Renders

Regarding the front design, given that the display extends on the corners of the device, it will presumably feature a 4.7-inch display. Moreover, we can see that it features a notch design and the absence of the physical home button.

Meanwhile, for its back design, we can see the rear camera position on the top left along with an LED flash.

Is There A Market For The iPhone SE 2?

In the current era of smartphone designs, the popular trend is to have larger screens. But in the case of the iPhone SE 2, what makes very appealing to tech enthusiasts? Well, Tech Garage notes 4 positive points:

  • Firstly, given its size, it fits into your pants’ pocket.
  • Secondly, it is light and compact.
  • Thirdly, it features a lower price tag.
  • And lastly, it could be the second best smartphone for Pokemon Go. Apparently, the current iPhone SE was extremely popular with the Pokemon Go scene.

When Can We Expect It?

Assuming that the Cupertino-based tech company will indeed release an iPhone SE 2 this year, we can perhaps expect it at the month of March. This is based on the original iPhone SE which was announced and released in March 2016.

What are your thoughts and opinions regarding the iPhone SE2? Will Apple release it this year, or will the company just focus on the iPhone XR and follow it up with a successor?  Tell us in the comment section below.

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