Apple iPhone 9: Cheaper Price In Store for Buyers

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Apple is said to recontinue the numeral naming of its smartphone with the iPhone 9. After it named the most recent smartphone iPhone X, the rumored decision surprised many especially as it seemed effective. 

More Affordable iPhone 9

But perhaps the next iPhone will be cheaper. It seems that the iPhone 9 will be a budget-friendly one, according to PC Authority. The introductory price of the iPhone is said to be at USD699. The reduction in the price is said to be an effect of the cost-cutting measures Apple took in the manufacturing.

As to the specs of the smartphone, it will have a maximum storage of 256GB. It will also receive 3GB RAM. This may seem like a downgrade compared to the two other rumored new releases. For example, the successor to the iPhone X, called iPhone X Plus, will have 4GB of RAM.

Three new iPhones this year

As you may already know by now, there will be three new iPhones. Each of these iPhones will feature strong specs. These phones will have the Face ID. Two of them will also feature AMOLED screens.

Apple will be betting a lot on its newest set of smartphones. This is why the company has set a production volume of 83 to 88 million, according to TrendForce. That said, there is a small chance of bigger sales. Estimates say that the sales will either remain flat or grow by a paltry 2-3 percent. This could mean trouble for Apple.

Last year’s models did not exactly light up a fire on the sales department. Even as the company celebrated the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, the sales did not live up to the expectations. Only a total of 216 million was sold. This is the same number that was sold from the iPhone models of 2016.

The three new iPhones will be unveiled in an Apple event. The event may happen in the first week of September.

What do you think about the possible reduction in the price of the iPhone 9? Will this mean bigger sales? Let us know below.

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