Apple iPad 2018 Specs, Features, Price: Everything You Should Know

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As you’ve probably read before, Apple is currently organizing an educational event marketed towards educators and students. Now that it’s just inches away from beginning, rumors are on the high with a specific focus on Apple’s much-speculated lineup of new iPads set for a release during the March function. With this exciting new roster up for a possible release during the event, we’re certain that you want to know all about it. That’s why we’ve listed down all of the juicy details about the incoming iPad, a move to satisfy your picky tech cravings.

A Cheaper Alternative

Just like we mentioned beforehand, many rumors indicate that rather than a high-end device, Apple is setting itself up to release a low-cost and affordable version of their iPad. This particular move is in accordance with their current endeavor of penetrating the market of the teaching industry hence, the current educational event.

According to Tech Radar, Apple’s current strategy isn’t all that surprising as similar devices marketed towards the educational sector has seen much success. Particular products that have found popularity in this field are primarily Google-made products (e.g Chromebooks). Seeing as Apple’s main competitor is another tech giant in the form of Google, it’s safe to assume that Apple’s latest move is to imitate the former’s success in the field while also establishing itself as an alternative source for cheap and effective educational tools.

Aside from this, they also shared that this particular version of the iPad will probably not be made available to the average consumers. One obvious reason for this is Apple’s target market, which involves students and teachers. With this being the case, it’s clear that a release towards consumers outside of that audience is unlikely.

Design and Specifications

In terms of design and features, not much can be said about the new Apple iPad. However, T3 believes that design-wise, the upcoming iPad will likely be granted the same aesthetic elements as its predecessor and seeing as the product is slated to be a cheaper alternative to the original iPad, there’s no reason for Apple to really up the ante in terms of new elements.

Besides this, they also indicate that unlike the newer models, this particular version of the iPad will be integrated with the A9 processor chip, which is present in entry-level iPads these days. If Apple chooses to bump up the specs of the rumored iPad above this particular setup, then it will go against their main objective of providing for the teaching and learning industry. This is why it’s highly probable that Apple isn’t planning on giving this new version too much than what’s necessary. In addition to this, the cheaper iPad will also stick with an LCD display when it comes to the screen, further appropriating the device’s price point.


Judging by Apple’s event and reveal history, it’s possible that the new iPad will come with the newest operating system in tow, the iOS 11.3 — a familiar move that the California-tech giant does during its organized events. On top of this, speculations point to another surprising feature, the ClassKit. This attribute is said to be an exclusive feature on the upcoming iPad, it will enable teachers and students to access a handful of educational tools to help with learning, however, it still remains to be seen what this specific feature entails.

Price Point

Going along with its initiative of a low cost and affordable iPad tablet,  Apple is sure to take away points on the new device’s price tag. According to recent estimates, the new iPad will see a price point of $259, quite an ideal deal for its target audience. With current entry model iPads valued $329, the upcoming iPad will see a decrease of 20% in terms of pricing.

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