Apple iOS 12: Details You Need To Know And A List Of Apple Devices Not Making The Jump

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Through the years, we’ve witnessed Apple’s steady ascension to the top of the mobile industry through its top quality products -the iPhone, iPod, and the iPad. However, this wouldn’t be the case without the presence of its ever-trusted operating system, the iOS -which truly solidified Apple’s post atop the ladder. With its arrival imminent, many are now looking towards the release of the latest software and what it has in store for us, especially for its devices.

Well, without further ado, we bring you everything that’s set to drop alongside the new iOS 12. From release date to features dow to enhancements and experience, we’ve covered every nook. All you have to do now is keep your eyes open and let it all sink in!

iOS 12 Release Date

As with every new firmware unveiling, Apple will most likely drop the new OS through its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2018), which is scheduled to start sometime this June. In line with this,  we expect the iOS 12 to be the highlight of the event seeing as the event caters to developers of the Apple platform.

During this time, developers are sure to get ahold of the new software with the public following after through beta testing. After this, Apple will most likely wait for feedback from the developer community, patching bugs and enhancing experience all the more before ultimately making an official release.

Performance and Security

Currently, Apple is taking multiple digs on the state of its software -more now than before- primarily because of its aim of introducing new features rather than improve on existing ones. Due to this, Apple has allegedly decided to focus more on the performance and fluidity of their software starting with the iOS12. In line with this, the Cupertino-based equipment manufacturer has decided to forego features that were initially intended for the new firmware release, returning it back into the idea box, in favor of a more holistic user experience.

According to Independent UK, Apple also aims to gain big leaps in terms of its security. They say that this new iOS version will be a more fortified stronghold against attacks -implemented with new security fixes and bug patches.

iOS 12 Features

When it comes to features, as we mentioned earlier, Apple wouldn’t be introducing anything drastic this time around. However, despite their minimal efforts in this regard on iOS 12, we’ll still be provided with necessary features.

MySmartPrice says that one feature that’s hot on the list is Dark Mode. As we all know, Apple has veered away from using LCD screens for its iPhone X that’s why the mode option is a must if it wants to improve on the device battery saving capabilities seeing as OLED screens tend to consume more power output when running lighter colors on the display.

Besides this screen new screen option, MySmartPrice also believes that it wouldn’t be too far-off if Apple finally implements group notifications, which the Android OS has had for a long time. In addition to this, they also suggest that engineers will be focusing on bringing more functionality to the device with updates on the Control Center and Force Touch. Last and most important, Apple could be thinking of a Siri overhaul, giving the AI a boost in terms of intelligence and response.

Devices Not Getting iOS 12

They say that everything old must go and that’s a principle Apple lives by when it comes to their devices. Every year with every software update, we see devices come and go and that will probably be the case this year, too.

According to ZDNet, the iPhone 5s, iPad Air, and iPad mini 2 will all likely be retiring this year, ceasing to get further firmware updates starting from iOS 12. They say that it has been five years since these devices were released, which means that believe it or not, it’s getting cut sooner or later. In contrast to this, they expect the 6th generation iPod to survive the fall seeing as Apple is still selling the device. They estimate that the iPod will likely last for a few more years before being relegated to the chopping block.

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