Apple iOS 12 VS Google Android Pie: Comparing Mobile OS Of iPhone X Plus, Google Pixel 3

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The Apple iOS 12 and the Google Android Pie will be arriving on their respective smartphone platforms in the coming months. With the impending release of the iPhone X Plus and the Google Pixel 3, it looks like much of the competition between the two premiere smartphones will come down to the features that come with their mobile OS.

Google Android Pie vs Apple iOS 12

Much of what we know about the next editions of the iOS and Android are speculations or partially-baked features from their beta versions. We compare the two upcoming mobile OS below based on several existing and rumored features:

Gesture-based navigation

The iPhone X was the first smartphone to popularize the concepts of notches and gesture navigation. That will continue in the coming year as Android Pie’s version of that is not yet up to par with Apple’s.

Voice-based assistant

As popular Siri is as a voice-based assistant, Google Assistant is inching closer to it. It can process grouped commands or string of questions easily. Google is also investing a lot in making the new voices of the Assistant to be more human-like.

AR app

The latest Android version is better in this field due to the fact that it crosses platforms. Cloud Anchors, enables both Android and iOS users to play together in their respective augmented reality (AR) apps.

Face unlocking

Sure, the Face Unlock feature of the Google Android Pie may be more convenient but the Face ID of the Apple iOS 12 is much more secure. Since this is a security feature, convenience should not be your focus.

Map feature

This is one area where Apple is clearly behind Google. Google Maps in the Google Android Pie is equipped with various layers of information that will be helpful to different kinds of users. Developers have already spoken about taking their maps one step further in the future through virtual guides.

iPhone X Plus features

As the release of iPhone X Plus nears, more features and specs are getting confirmed through leaks. One sure thing is the fact that it will have an impressive OLED screen, according to CNet. This means that the upcoming smartphone will have the sharpest possible display.

The follow-up to last year’s iPhone X may also receive three rear cameras. This will help the new iPhone compete with the Huawei P20 Pro, which has the same number of rear cameras. It will also result in the next iPhone taking more powerful pictures even when it is dim.

Google Pixel 3 release

It looks like the Google Pixel 3 will be arriving in less than six weeks. The launch event is said to be scheduled for Tuesday, October 9, according to Android Authority.

This reported date is the first time that Google is deviating from its usual October 4 launch for Pixel phones in years past. The launch event will also be transferred from San Francisco to New York this time around.

Which do you think will be better between the Apple iOS 12 and the Google Android Pie? Will this intensify the competition between the upcoming releases Google Pixel 3 and iPhone X Plus? Let us know what you think about these mobile operating systems and devices in the comments section.

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