Apple iOS 12 Features, Specs and Rumored Latest Updates

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iPhone rumors are doing the rounds at a time when Apple is busy preparing for its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, which will take place in June this year. While talks of iPhone X Plus model is underway in regards to the hardware, it is the much anticipated Apple iOS 12 update that everybody wants to hear about as far as software is concerned.

Here are few features that could be part of Apple iOS 12 updates.

Apple iOS 12 Horizontal Face ID

The iPhone X used the Face ID recognition system by letting go of the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. Even though this helped in increasing the size of the phone’s screen, few users complained of problems while unlocking.

Users as of now have to hold their phone vertically for the iPhone to do its work, thereby making the entire process very difficult sometimes. An update here would ensure that the Face ID system works more consistently. As per Japanese blog Macotakara, Apple iOS 12 users can scan their face with their phone flipped horizontally.

Better Voice Recognition System in iOS 12 Update

In April, when Apple hired John Giannandrea, Google’s former chief of search and artificial intelligence to help improve Siri, the company revealed that it was working on a more “Personalized Hey Siri,” which would be in a position to identify the voice of the phone’s owner, hinting at a better and deeper Siri integration.

iOS 12 Reworked Apps

As per MacRumors, there will be some major revamp in a few classic apps like Stocks and iBooks, both of which have been part of the iPhone ecosystem for many years.

As per rumors, there will be changes to the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature as well. This will allow users to automatically silence notifications and also reject calls.

iOS 12 will Focus on Stability

As per Bloomberg, Apple will focus this year on stability in iOS 12. It reports that the company’s software engineers are working mainly on the stability factor and adding a few new specs instead of bombarding it with many new features.

If this is indeed true, then it means that Apple iOS 12 will include less of features and enhancements, and instead focus more on battery, security enhancements, and performance.

Here is our wishlist for Apple iOS 12.

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