Apple iOS 11.3 Jailbreak Update: Min Zheng Achieves Kernel Read / Write on iOS 11.3

Jasper Valdez
4:03 PM

For the longest time, the jailbreak community has wanted to get a hold of a way to fully crack the iOS 11.3. It seems like this venture isn’t going to take that much longer as Alibaba’s Min Zheng has once again filled us in on his latest discovery, which many believe could be a key factor in the development of a jailbreak tool.

In Zheng’s latest unveiling, he confirmed that he and his team have achieved kernel read/ write on the latest Apple firmware (iOS 11.3). Before this, Zheng has also released a statement on his channel indicating that it’s possible to break KASLR on iOS 11.3 with ease. Just like his other reveals, he opted to post his finding through social media, getting attention from many active community members.

In his post, Zheng stated that in order to gain read/write it’s necessary to break or disable the troublesome KASLR security feature. Accompanied by this is an image which provides clear evidence of his exploit.

Aside from this, another post which carries a screenshot of one of Zheng’s earlier tweets regarding the 0day bug was also released. This particular post pretty much confirms Zheng’s willingness to work with Apple to patch the bugs. Now, what this particular scenario entails is that if Apple chooses to accept his offer, a detailed write-up about the discovery could be created and made public, which will do the jailbreak community a favor.

However, it’s also possible for Zheng, his team, and Apple to fix the holes in iOS 11.3’s security before they reveal any details. It’s also plausible that when these patches are made, a new iOS version will be released –which will further hinder the progress of jailbreak tool.

Right now, it’s still hard to assume whether Zheng’s discovery is a curse or a blessing for the community. Until we get further announcements from Zheng and his possible team up with Apple, it’s still unclear whether this latest finding will prove useful in the creation of a jailbreak tool.

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