Apple And Intel This 2018 - All Mac Computer Could Get A Good Update This Year

Ronald Balondo
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Intel seems to be going along nicely in the past years doing business and supplying Apple with a top of the line processors. These two companies enjoyed and prosper their mutual interest in providing high-end experience to the users.

Customers’ demands are growing and growing and the needs of a better-performing computer are rising. With these in mind, the two giants in the electronic world will be working again once more for upgrading the whole Mac line.

The action makes sense since Intel’s Core series is in the Mac line for a few years now, powering up the famous computer lineup from Apple. It is only fitting that they will continue their partnership by giving more powerful chipset that will be featured in the future Mac computers.

Within the coming months, Apple will release their new line of products and it will feature plenty of updates in the Mac line. The current high-end MacBook Pro computers feature a 13-inch display and for the other users that wanted a larger screen to play around, 15-inch display models are granted by the company as another option. Both designs come with a choice between the controversial touchpad or just the simpler design.

The Kaby Lake chip from Intel in the 15-inch model MacBook Pro got a boost for its quad-core design that is being delivered by the H-series chip as MacBook Pro 2018. Now, the future shows that the 15-inch MacBooks will use Coffee Lake-H chipset which is a hex-core.

A jump from in the numbers of processors from four to six in the 15-inch line. The 13-inch, on the other hand, has a dual-core option and can jump to the quad-core. Now, with the chipset update, it is expected that it will run in quad-core design in the whole 13-inch line.

Improvements from the companies, both Intel and Apple, will get a huge performance boost by adding extra cores in the setup. Multitasking and demanding applications like video editing and multi-media software will be a lot manageable with added power in the computer’s brain.

The 12-inch MacBook might also get a revamp and will jump to a new type of processor for the upcoming models. A boost from Intel Core m3 Kaby Lake-Y series which is being used on the current models. The MacBook that is known to be a little brother of the MacBook Pro and a cousin of MacBook Air.

At the Computex 2018 trade conference, Intel introduced the next generation Kaby Lake-Y processors which will be called Amber Lake-Y. The chipset gets an enhanced 14-nanometer technology version that was used on building the Kaby Lake-Y.

With the newly equipped chipset from Intel, that is said to get a double-digit improvement will be present in the upcoming 12-inch MacBooks. The lineup will surely get a better performance compared to its predecessors.

iMac 2018 is also an important product in the Apple line. It currently uses Kaby Lake-S processors from Intel but might get an upgrade to Coffee Lake-S or better this year. It might also feature a hex-core processor like the MacBook Pro version, compared the current four cores to bring extra processing and computing power needed for those heavy users.

With the current enhancement in the computer enhancement, one thing is certain and that is computer will only get better and better every year and with another collaboration from the two giants, Intel and Apple, we are sure that many consumers will be excited with the news.

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