Apple iMac 2018: Release Date, Price, Specs and Features

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So we were expecting Apple to release the iMac 2018 last June. But so far, there hasn’t been any sign of it.

If that’s the case, when can we expect it then? How much will it cost? What will be its specs and features? Well, let’s find out, shall we?

The Release Date

The iMac lineup will be 20 years old this month. The recent release was last year back on June 5, 2017, where the company updated it during the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). As you may have already known, this year’s WWDC was heavily focused on software which made the fans a bit disappointed to some extent because the iMac 2018 didn’t make an appearance.

So when can we expect it now that June has long passed? Well, according to a report, the Cupertino company could hold an event this month to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the iMac because the first model was released on August 15, 1998. In case that doesn’t happen, well, another suggestion is that it could being September or October.

The Price Tag

For its price, just like the release date, we will be basing it on previous models. Last year, these are the price tags:

  • Entry-level 21.5-inch model, £1,049 ($1,334)
  • Mid-level 21.5-inch model, £1,249 ($1,588)
  • Top-level 21.5-inch model, £1,449 ($1842)
  • Entry-level 27-inch model, £1,749 ($2,224)
  • Mid-level 27-inch model, £1,949 ($2,478)
  • Top-level 27-inch model, £2,249 ($2,859)

We are expecting that this year’s model will likely stick close to these prices or just a bit higher. However, without any official announcement or confirmation from the company, it’s better to take this with a pinch of salt.

The Design

For iMac 2018 design, one of the most popular rumors is that it will have a major redesign. Reports have cited that the said device has been sporting the same look since 2012 and believe that it’s time for a change – suggesting that it could be slimmed down or something.

The Display

First, well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that this year’s model will come with significant display-performance upgrades. Although he didn’t specify what kind of “display-performance upgrades”, rumors suggest that it could be True Tone which was first featured on the iPad Pro and then on the 2018 MacBook Pro.

Second rumor is that it will feature a whopping 8k display. Yeah, let it sink down for a moment. The 27-inch already sports 5k display, while the 21-inch is 4k display.

So where did this rumor come from? Well, it was shared by Cult of Mac where its display partner, LG, mentioned that Apple is going to release an “iMac 8k” later this year. Whether this is true or not, no one can tell with full accuracy.

The third rumor is that it will feature a touch-sensitive display. Last month, a patent titled “Transitioning between modes of input” was spotted. However, this patent was filed way back in 2008 which made some conclude that this will never see the light of day. But who knows? Usually, patents takes years before it will be fully implemented so there still might be a chance – as slim as it may be.

The Platform

For iMac 2018 processor, well, there are two expectations. One is that it will feature Intel’s Coffee Lake processors. The other is that Apple could use its own processors.

In fact, the MacBook Pro and iMac Pro are packed with an Apple-designed co-processor. So why can’t this year’s models also feature one as well?

Furthermore, there was a report made last April saying that Apple plans to use its own chips in Macs starting 2020. This initiative was codenamed as Kalamata and is still in the early development stages.

For its graphics, reports suggest that it could be packed with a graphics card based around AMD Vega. Or it could be a Nvidia graphics card which although is possible, requires a lot more work to accomplish.

The Memory

Regarding its storage, assuming that this year’s modes will have a redesign, then we could see the end of the hard drive or Fusion Drive offerings and switch to SDD. As for its RAM, the 21-inch model could future up to 32 GB, while its 27-inch up to 64 GB.

Other Features

There have been reports saying that iMac 2018 could come with Face ID and a Gaze detection technology. Another is that it could also come with a Touch Bar. Furthermore, in regards to connectivity, the 802.11ax is also expected to appear this year and be featured on the 2018 iMac.

What are your thoughts and opinions about the rumored specs and features of the iMac 2018? Are you looking forward to it? Tell us in the comment section below.

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