Apple HomePod 2: Things That Fans Want To See

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The HomePod is a smart speaker from Apple. It was first released in February 2018 in the US, UK, and Australia.

Although it is such an amazing device, there were still some issues that fans or reviewers pointed out. For this article, we will be listing the things that fans would like to see featured on the HomePod 2.

Note: The list is based on Pocket-lints article.

1. Being Able To Recognize Different Voices

This is a feature that Google Home devices have which many of its users admire. Hopefully, the HomePod 2 will have this feature as well because not being able to recognize different voices can certainly lead to many problems.

2. Bluetooth Support

Tech enthusiasts have “pointed out” that Apple seems adamant in suppressing Bluetooth because they want users to use the company’s AirPlay tech instead. In fact, as noted by a Pocket-lint, the first HomePod doesn’t support devices connecting to it via Bluetooth despite the fact that HomePod actually has Bluetooth inside and uses it for the setup process.

Let’s just hope the HomePod 2 will have Bluetooth Support.

3. Facial Recognition And Gesture Control

Last month, an Apple patent for the HomePod was spotted. It details a next-generation HomePod with facial recognition and control via hand gestures. We certainly hope this is true.

4. A Better Siri

Some have pointed out that Siri lags a bit behind Google Assistant and Alexa. Whether that’s true or not, what people really want is for Apple to give Siri more features on the HomePod 2.

5. Wireless Qi Charging

Wireless charging is one of the popular trends right now. Requesting the HomePod 2 to have wireless qi charging is understandable.

6. A Cheaper Price Tag

Yes, this is Apple we’re talking about so asking for a cheaper price tag from them is hard. But hey, it’s still part of the wishlist nevertheless.

P.S. The HomePod launched with an introductory price of $349.

7. A HomePod Mini

If Apple can’t bring down the price of the HomePod 2, then perhaps they could release a HomePod mini instead? Well, Amazon has the Echo Dot.

Do you agree with the list? Tell us in the comment section below.

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