6 Reasons Why Apple Should Be Wary Of Samsung Galaxy Watch (Gear S4)

Yves Amodia
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Apple’s dominance in the smart watch race is undeniable. However, with the impending release of the Samsung Gear S4 aka Galaxy Watch, it is looking like one of America’s largest corporations is going to have to fend off competition from the Korean giant.

Samsung Galaxy Watch leak

The Samsung Galaxy Watch, previously known as Samsung Gear S4, is being positioned as a top-tier competitor. Leaks about the smartwatch seem to indicate that Samsung really invested in improving its features and specs. Here are six of the strongest reasons why Apple should watch out for this upcoming release:

Wear OS

Reports say that the Galaxy Watch will be using the Wear OS (previously Android Wear). This will be a departure as the last few smartwatches from the company used the Tizen OS. For those who liked the Wear OS in the Samsung Gear Live, however, this will be a welcome development.

Two Sizes

To maximize its appeal, Samsung will be making the Gear S4 or Galaxy Watch available in two sizes. This will bring a more appropriate choice for users with smaller wrists.

Blood pressure reading tech

A patent registered under Samsung recently details a technology that enables smartwatches to read the user’s blood pressure. If this comes with the Galaxy Watch, it will be innovative enough to make Apple feel concerned.

LTE compatibility

LTE compatibility in the Galaxy Watch will be one of its crowning jewels. In fact, three of the top American carriers have already expressed interest in integrating the hardware to their network.

470mAh battery

The battery will surely last longer. This is because the battery capacity was raised to 470mAh compared to 380mAh for the previous Samsung smartwatch.

Varied colors

It is already confirmed that the upcoming Samsung smartwatch will get three shades. However, only one of the sizes will get the gold variant.

What are you most excited about with the Samsung Galaxy Watch aka Gear S4? Do you think Apple should be worried about this potentially strong competitor to their Apple Watch? Let us know in the comments.

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