Apple Confirms That The Next generation Mac Pro Line Will be Available in 2019

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Mac Pro line will be hitting the road this 2019 and will feature the latest hardware and will give another level of experience to its user. It will feature a complete overhaul of its system that will be suited for a power-hungry and demanding job of all professionals in their selected field.

It’s been years since we saw any significant upgrades to the Mac Pro line people are starting to wonder whether the Mac Pro is dead and if not, how and when they can get their hands on a better Mac computer that is suited for their professional needs. Don’t be confused with MacBook Pro or iMac Pro, this beast is the most powerful computer Apple offers to its consumer base targeting professionals and doing the professional stuff needed with its huge and ridiculously powerful hardware components.

And within the recent news, Apple is giving hopes to its fans that new generation Mac Pro will become available in the market soon. According to an interview by Matthew Panzarino for TechCrunch in a round-table discussion, along with some influential Apple figures such as the vice president of Hardware Engineering, John Ternus, Tom Boger senior director of Mac Hardware Product Marketing, the director of Video Apps Product Marketing, Jud Coplan and Music Apps Product Marketing Director, Xander Sore revolves around confirming that Apple is currently working on a new version of Mac Pro that will answer all the demanding needs all professionals.

It is also stated that the company created a team that is called Pro Workflow Team, lead by John Ternus and is working together with the engineering team to find improvements and make the Mac Pro the best in its league. The team’s purpose is also giving out information that will help improvements on other Apple products.

Pro Workflow team also is working closely with real customers to better understand their customer’s needs in their projects and taking it to accounts to bring out more from Apple’s products and also help their users in their crafts. This might be the reason why we haven’t heard anything from Apple in the past few years regarding the new buffs in their Mac Pro line.

According to the lead of the team, John Ternus, “We said in the meeting last year that the pro community isn’t one thing.” Highlighting that not all professionals have the same needs and flexibility is needed to make the product successful. He also added that “It’s very diverse. There are many different types of pros and obviously, they go really deep into the hardware and software and are pushing everything to its limit.” Also worth noting the statement made by Apple SVP Phil Schiller that goes like “We recognize that they want to hear more from us. And so we want to communicate better with them. We want them to understand the importance they have for us, we want them to understand that we’re investing in new Macs — not only new MacBook Pros and iMacs but Mac Pros for them, we want them to know we are going to work on a display for a modular system,”

What to expect in the new Mac Pro

In August 2017, Mac Pro benchmark seen floating around the community featuring new Intel i9 7900X processor. The benchmark shown by wccftech made a huge news and considering that was from 2017, we can expect greater numbers from this beast. The whole benchmark score is listed here. We might also see an 18-core setup might take us up to 32-cores, according to a report from MacWorld.

Mac Pro might also get a new chip this 2019. According to an article published in Bloomberg, there’s a big possibility that Apple might feature a new chipset and we saw that first in 2010 within their iPad and slowly making its way to the other lines. Mac Pro users may also get a boost in the storage section as SSD as a standard instead of an option in the previous model.

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