Apple AR Glasses Latest Rumors, Release Date: Everything We Know So Far

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Apple appears to be gearing up to release its much-anticipated AR glasses. Nothing so definite at this stage yet, leaving everyone asking and guessing.

One thing is certain though. The Cupertino tech company is not the kind to be left behind in AR field. Microsoft and Google, too, are already knee-deep in developing their own AR devices. So, Apple is in it.

Google first hit the AR road when it released Google Glass, that device displaying 2D images, followed by Microsoft’s HoloLens that could embed 3D images to your world. How about Apple? It was true to its Silicon Valley image: secretive. Rumors had it that Apple had the prototype of its AR device kept in the lab through all these years.

Apple CEO Tim Cook had let the cat out of the bag. He discussed the potentials of AR in the future allowing everyone to have a peek what’s going on inside Apple.

Jony Ive, the chief design officer, chipped in, too. He told a tech panel last year that “there are certain ideas that we have and we are waiting for the technology to catch up with the idea.” Sort of saying, they are waiting for the AR technology to mature.

Release Date

Which is which: will it be AR headset or glasses? No one is sure but evidence had shown that it could be AR headset ahead of the glasses. The bad news: Apple is not in a position to roll it out anytime this year – perhaps, even later.

The Financial Times, in its March 2017 report, did also believe that Apple has the AR as its most important project inside the company but the rollout “still at least a year away, perhaps even longer.” A report from DigiTimes revealed that the Cupertino tech company is developing microLED screens, both small and large sizes. The small one is likely to be used in AR glasses.

The 2019 release date is most likely for AR Glasses but Bloomberg in November 2017 said Apple is ramping up everything to have 2020 as the most probable rollout date for its AR glasses or headset.

Apple AR Headset

All rumors, which had been circulating for years, are pointing to one thing. Apple AR headset is in the pipeline, codenamed T288. The Financial Times had reported in March 2017 that Apple was assembling experts on augmented reality. It appeared more resources had been poured out into AR project over other projects such as its first driverless car.

More reports – engineers working on AR project and reported work-related injuries by Apple employees working on the project – had it all confirmed that, indeed, Apple had its eye on AR headset. Then came the intriguing Apple acquisition of Metaio, a German company behind popular AR apps in the market today. The German company, after the reported acquisition, fell silent.

The Cupertino tech company is keeping everyone guessing while it is cooking something – it could be AR glasses or headset – in its kitchen. Well, 2019 or 2020 is not that far from now. Let us see.

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