Apple's AirPower Absent at the WWDC 2018, When Will It Be Released?

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Apple’s wireless charger, AirPower, was first introduced last year in September, making that 9 months. Yeah, the Cupertino company promised to release it in 2018, but until now we have yet to get our hands on it. What’s going on?

Failed To Live Up To Its Promise?

Back when the AirPower was introduced last year, Apple wrote on one of its marketing materials relating to the said device that it will be released in “early 2018”. So it wasn’t surprising that when people heard a rumor that it will be released on March, expectations were very high. At that time, The Apple Post reported that Best Buy will begin receiving AirPower units in-store towards the end of March.

But when nothing came, people then suggested it will be presented on the WWDC 2018. However, a report then later came that the event will be “hardware-free” and will only focus on software. Though some believed it, there were still other people hoping to catch a glimpse of the highly anticipated wireless charger.

Now that the WWDC 2018 has passed and there is still no sign of it, people are now pointing towards September or until autumn. But if that’s the case, then what was even the point of Apple saying “early 2018”? Was it a misinterpretation made by the public or did Apple just simply failed to live up to its promise?

The Cause of the Delay

According to a published article on Mac World, Apple had no choice to delay the product due to a number of reasons. The reasons are:

  • Apple had trouble producing the product and concerns over AirPods support.
  • There were compatibility issues with the Apple Watch. Though Apple Watches have always included Qi charging, the Apple Watch Series 3’s design made it incompatible with most non-Apple chargers.
  • Charging AirPods requires an additional purchase of a $69 case which sparked disagreements due to the price.
  • It was reported that the device has yet to be approved by the FCC.


So what are your thoughts and opinions regarding the release and supposed delays of Apple’s AirPower? Will it be released this year or next year? We would like to hear from you in the comment section below.

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