Apple AirPods 2: Two Versions May Be Coming

Yves Amodia
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If there is an audio accessory for a mobile device that everyone is looking forward to, it is the Apple AirPods 2. The second entry in the company’s wireless ear-pods game is said to have already finished development and just awaiting release.

Two versions for Apple AirPods 2?

If reports are to be believed, Apple AirPods 2 will be coming in two versions, according to Tech Radar. The first update will be voice-activated and will come out this year. On the other hand, the second one will be a waterproof set that will be scheduled for release in 2019.

Among the features that will be included on the new AirPods are better wireless connectivity, wireless charging, and fitness tracking. A patent registered in July also suggested that it may have excellent sound handling.

While even avid Apple fans took the release of the first AirPod and phaseout of the headphone jack as attacks against wired headphones, the wireless earbuds still received overwhelmingly positive reception. Audio quality is excellent though its Siri reliance was an issue for some users.

Charging status indicator for the next wireless earbuds

In related AirPods news, it is becoming apparent that the AirPods will have an entirely new feature for its next release. Reports say that Apple will be putting an indicator that reflects the status of charging for the device.

Based on the light that the indicator gives off, you will be able to know if the AirPods are already fully charged. Once it turns green, it should mean that charging is done. This makes determining the charging status more convenient for users.

The indicator will also be compatible with the AirPower accessory that will be released soon. The much-discussed wireless charging matt is also scheduled to be in stores before the year ends.

Will you buy the Apple AirPods 2 when it hits the stores in the next few months? Which of the rumored two versions will you purchase? Post a comment below.

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