Apple 2019 March Event: Where Is The iPhone SE 2? Which Market Should It Target?

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Many are excited about the upcoming 2019 iPhones. In fact, last month, we’ve heard a “rumor” that the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR will be getting successors. But what about the iPhone SE 2 (aka iPhone SE2)?

Apple’s March Event

We’re now in March 2019. Coincidentally, the original iPhone SE was released in March 2016. And although Apple is reportedly going to host an event this month, presumably at the 25th, so far we’ve never heard anything new about the iPhone SE 2.

So is it dead? Technically, it is.

The thing is, the iPhone XR has become the replacement for the iPhone SE line as the “budget iPhone model“.  Add into the fact the rumor that iPhone XR is going to have a successor and there have been no fresh solid rumors of an iPhone SE 2 coming anything soon, not many have much faith anymore in Apple releasing an iPhone SE2 in 2019, especially this month.

For Apple’s 2019 March event, there are already a few products that are expected to be presented at the event. These are:

But Apple “Needs The iPhone SE 2?

The iPhone XR’s price tag sits at $749 for the 64GB model, $799 for the 128GB and $899 for the 256GB. Meanwhile, the iPhone SE launched at $399 for the 16GB model and $499 for the 64GB.

As reported by CultofMac, iPhone sales are down, especially in merging markets. Why? One of the reasons pointed out by the news outlet is that iPhones these days are now so expensive, which really makes sense. Add into the fact that new smartphones come out every few months with some even sporting with a cheaper price tag, it wouldn’t be a surprise if people would choose to buy other brands.

Let’s Say Apple Does Release The iPhone SE 2, How Will They Handle It?

CultofMac notes that if Apple will release an iPhone SE 2, it must sell for $349. With this price tag, it will be sporting a small display, Touch ID and an A10 chip.

As for who will be their target market, although it’s possible that a few Americans and Europeans might be interested, their main target would be India and China. Other developing countries would be a good target market as well.

Do you think Apple should release an iPhone SE 2? Tell us in the comment section below.

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