Apple 2019 iPhone XI Will Have This Mind Blowing Feature

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It would take a while before the Cupertino-based smartphone manufacturer Apple will launch its next-generation iPhones. This does not halt the rumor mill from surfacing online and providing interesting tidbits of what is coming. It is no longer a big secret that the iPhone will have a radical upgrade next year once the company integrates 5G technology into the model.

According to Report, the company will entice us to also pick up the 2019 iPhone XI. A technology that is not yet mainstream will reportedly be infused to the said device. The same design elements found in the current iPhone XS/XS Max will remain. Then, the camera will be upgraded to provide space for Sony’s long distance 3D sensors. It will eventually transform into mobile photography.

In the report, this new long distance 3D camera has the possibility to transform photography, security, and gaming for the next iPhone lineup. Satoshi Yoshihara, head of Sony’s sensor division, hinted that their company will boost production of next-generation of camera chips with support for 3D sensors with potential customers including Apple showing interest. They are known to supply camera sensors to the company as well as Google and Samsung.

Yoshihara added that 3D business is already operating profitably. Their company will begin its mass production of the 3D sensors in late summer to meet all demands. These next-gen chips will power both the front and rear 3D cameras. So, the company ensures that they will be ready with the sensors by the time the production of the next iPhone, which is the alleged 2019 iPhone XI, is underway.

In the photography department, the 3D cameras can focus instantaneously and can track objects even in low lit environments. This new technology can also be used for high-grade facial mapping, unlocking, and mapping of rooms for AR and VR purposes. Apart from that, the Touch ID feature might be back and will fit in the display itself.

So, what do you think about the latest technology for the upcoming 2019 iPhone XI? Share them by writing in the comment section below.

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