Apple 2018 iPad Pro/ iPad Pro 3 Update: Apple Uses USB-C Connector, End of Lightning?

Daphne Planca
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The tech giant Apple has been reported to be switching its proprietary Lightning connector for the faster, more robust USB-C port. This will likely happen once the company ships the expected iPad Pro revamp this fall.

According to MacRumors, Japanese blog site Mac Otakara just gathered information from accessory makers at the Global Sources Mobile Electronics trade show in Hong Kong. Each accessory maker attending the said event hinted about the switch to USB-C connector for the redesigned iPad Pro 3.

This information about this company’s plan to adopt the USB-C port instead of the traditional Lightning on its new iPad Pro 3 is not the first time it was rumored. This indicates the company’s goal to bridge the gap between the mobile device and computer.

The popular, reliable tech analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has issued a research note in September that predicts the 2018 iPad Pro models will feature USB-C to facilitate faster data transmission, charging speeds, and new functionality like its ability to connect an iPad Pro to a 4K monitor.

The photo of the devices’ dimensions from Mac Otakara at the event is the same as the image that was first shared on Slashleaks last week. In the image, the smaller model will have 7 inches wide (178.52millimeters) and 9.7 inches tall (247.64millimeters). Meanwhile, the larger model will be 8.5 inches wide (215millimeters) and 11 inches tall (280.66millimeters).

In terms of specifications, both iPad Pro 3 models will feature bezels at 6millimeters around all sides. One model might be as thin as 5.9millimeters. The TrueDepth camera system for Face ID will be present without Touch ID Home button giving more space for a full-face display.

If this is all true, this change will mark the first major shift in iPad connectivity ever since the company replaced its 30-pin connector with Lightning on its fourth-generation iPad in 2012. The debut of 2018 iPad Pro models is expected on Tuesday, October 30, at a special hardware event the company is planning to host in Brooklyn, New York.

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