Another Fresh OnePlus 7 Leaked Photo Spotted With Notch-less Design... Fake?

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Coming this year is the OnePlus 7 smartphone which many tech enthusiasts are looking forward to. So what new rumor, leak or official talk do we have this time around about it? Well, there is another leaked photo of the said device.

But First… The Recap

Earlier this week, we published an article about a leaked photo of the OnePlus 7 which was posted via Twitter by @Steven_Sbw from Shanghai, China. This is the photo he posted via Twitter.

On our article, we mentioned that news outlets questioned its authenticity because leaker has no track record reporting on unreleased devices, and he didn’t explain where he obtained the image from. In fact, even the Twitter users who commented were also doubtful of the image, saying that it could be fake.

We also compared it to another leaked photo of the OnePlus 7 spotted last month. Although both features no notch, suggesting that it could perhaps feature a slide-out selfie cam, there’s a difference between the thickness of the bezels.

Note: The device on the left is the OnePlus 7 while the device on the right is the OnePlus 6T.

Of course, we don’t know if both photos are authentic. For all we know, both of them could be fake. But nevertheless, it’s still interesting to see leaked photos of highly anticipated devices.

Now For The Latest Leaked Photo

This time around, @Steven_Sbw shared another photo of the Oneplus 7. Just like the previous one he shared, it also shows the front design.

But what’s really interesting is the comments made by Twitter users. One said it was beautiful, another one requested to show the rear design, and etc.

However, there was one Twitter user who goes by the name Chris Delpinsky (@Delpinsky) who revealed something interesting. As you may have noticed, the picture is a bit dark. With that, Delpinsky brightened the photo and this is what he found:

We, 73Buzz, don’t know if it’s really fake or not. You, our dear readers, decide on that.

What are your thoughts about the leaked photo? Are you looking forward to OnePlus 7? Tell us in the comment section below.

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