Latest Leaked Patches Reveal Vega 12 And AMD Vega 20 GPU With Intrinsic AI Instructions Support

Harsh Soni
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NVIDIA is rumored to be working on the GTX 11 series GPUs based on the Turing architecture, which is expected to unveil later this summer. AMD, on the other hand, is also said to be working 7nm Vega GPUs namely Vega 20.

AMD’s Vega 20 GPU is said to be built on TSMC’s next generation 7nm process technology that is set to begin sampling later this year. The new AMD Vega GPU has been leaked in the latest LLVM and clang compiler patches beside a brand new GPU about which we have never heard before, Vega 12.

AMD 7nm Vega 20 With AI Instructions

The latest leaked patches have revealed that AMD Vega 20 will feature support for intrinsic AI and deep learning instructions. AMD has announced earlier this year at CES that they are building a new Vega chip, which will sport the TSMC’s 7nm technology.

However, the latest patch confirms AMD’s previous announcements and confirms about a 7nm Vega chip modified for the highly profitable machine learning and AI markets. The patch also reveals that the 7nm chip in question, while never mentioned by name by the company, is, in fact, Vega 20.

AMD Vega 20 GPU Specs

According to the WccFtech, AMD Vega 20 is designed to deliver 8 times the double precision compute performance. The said GPU will also feature double the memory interface width and support for up to 4 HBM2 stacks.

The 7nm Vega 20 is said to feature 32 GB of HBM2 memory, according to the 3DMark listing. The device ID of 66A0 belongs to Vega 20, as confirmed by Linux display driver patches. The clock speeds were read incorrectly, but the same issue was observed for Vega 10 before it was released, so it does not mean that it was running at 1000 MHz. The AMD Vega 20 testing platform features Ryzen 7 1700.

AMD Vega 12

Unlike Vega 20, there is not much known about Vega 12 (GFX904) other than the fact that it exists. Some tech enthusiasts think that it’s going to replace Polaris GPU at the entry level, but that’s pure guess at this point. We will have to wait until AMD makes an official announcement for the spotted GPUs.

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