AMD Threadripper 2 Launching This August, Promises Faster Clock Speeds and Improved Overclocking Capabilities

Jasper Valdez
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Not too long ago, we confirmed that AMD is indeed working on the second generation of the AMD Threadripper. Now, another update on the CPU has emerged, detailing an earlier outing due this year.

According to Wccftech, the AMD Threadripper 2 is set to launch this coming August along with a new roster of TR4 socket motherboards. Though now confirmed, there’s still a bunch of details that are unclear when it comes to the new lineup, especially when it comes to the chipset, which some think will either be the current x399 or the x499. Nevertheless, until word comes out that the x499 will be implemented, we’d like to think that AMD will still make use of the x399 chipset.

More importantly, the question that’s probably going through your mind right now is, “What does the AMD Threadripper 2 has in store for us ?” Or it can also be, “What aspects are going to be improved?” No need to worry as we’ll be discussing those down below!

Increased Clock Speed and Enhanced Overclocking

Like the newly released Ryzen 2000 series, the AMD Threadripper 2 will be manufactured through the same Zen+ 12nm treatment. This means that there will be an evident boost in clock speed, which is estimated to be 300 MHz higher than the previous generation. This also entails higher performance gains mid to high 3 GHz range and single core Turbo in the mid 4 GHz range.

Taking this into account, we can expect the Threadripper 2 to perform at a core clock of 3.7 GHz+ and a Turbo of 4.35 GHz+. Overclocking potential is also expected to rise significantly.

Latency Improvements and Faster Memory RAM Speeds

As we all know, the Zen+ architecture introduces a lot of improvements through the new L1, L2, and L3 cache latency enhancements so it goes without saying that the AMD Threadripper 2 will be able to perform on a much higher note than its predecessor. In summary, users will be able to gain a lead of 10% in terms of performance vs the first -gen Threadripper.

Aside from this, the Zen+ also has support for faster DDR4 RAM speeds attributed to its improved memory controller. Consumers should expect a performance similar to the 2nd generation Ryzen CPUs when it comes to the new Threadripper, which supports DDR4 RAM speeds nearly 1GHz higher than its predecessor.

All in all, it’s exciting to see that AMD has done their best to give us an experience worthy of a second generation CPU. That’s why it’s probably safe to assume now that the Threadripper 2 will be a hit in the market just like its predecessor.

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