AMD Already Running Tests on New 7nm Vega 20 GPU, Sampling To Occur Later This Year

Jasper Valdez
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It seems like our waiting period for new GPUs has been cut short. AMD confirmed that they’re already running tests on a new GPU based on the 7nm manufacturing process, which many believe to be the 7nm Vega 20.

During AMD’s first-quarter earnings call conference, company President, and CEO,  Dr. Lisa Su revealed that they’ve already been taking steps in testing a new type of GPU produced using the new 7nm technique. According to Su, the GPU is now up and running and is undergoing several tests inside the Radeon Technologies Group labs as of the moment. Su also indicates that they’re going to be issuing samples of the GPU later this year if the project remains on track and schedule.

In CES 2018, AMD announced that this new GPU, the 7nm Vega 20, will be optimized for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning processes. In the interview, Su added that this GPU will be processed and manufactured a TSMC rather than their usual partner, Globalfoundries. According to Wccftech, this decision was likely reached due to the maturity of TSMC’s 7nm manufacturing process.

This particular confirmation goes in line with previous updates, which saw the 7nm Vega 20 appear in a Linux patch code. The patch updated support for over 50 new Vega specific features on the hardware level, which, again, hints that the card may be coming out sooner than we expect.

Credit- WccFtech

Once it drops, the new Vega 20 chip is expected to improve on several aspects of its predecessor, the Vega 10. First is that it offers eight folds more accurate computing performance and with the second being the integration of a larger memory interface width and support for 4 HBM2, totaling in 32GB of HBM2 vRAM and 1TB/s of memory bandwidth.

The new 7nm Vega 20 chip is AMD’s first-ever card made specifically for AI and machine learning workloads. It is expected to rival NVIDIA’s Volta based accelerators, primarily the Quadro GV100 and Titan V.

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