AMD Ryzen 2700X Appears On Magazine Cover, Reviews To Surface Next Week

Maricris Jose
11:55 AM

The AMD Ryzen 2700X is the premium CPU among the AMD Ryzen 2000 series. Recently, the said CPU appeared on a magazine cover which is expected to come out next week.

According to Segment Next, the issue of the said magazine will be published on Monday. It is expected to be featuring the AMD Ryzen 2200G, AMD Ryzen 2400G and of course the top of the line AMD Ryzen 2700X.

When it comes to specs, the AMD Ryzen 2700X is anticipated to flaunt 8 threads, 8 cores and 16 MB of L3 cache as well. Additionally, this CPU will allegedly feature a max boost clock of 4.35 GHz.

Moreover, it is also worth mentioning that the AMD Ryzen 2700X together with other AMD Ryzen 2000 series CPUs are expected not to be furnished with extra cores or threads. But despite that, these Ryzen CPUs will receive better clock speeds. However, it should be noted that the upcoming AMD Ryzen 2700X along with other AMD Ryzen 2000 series CPUs will not boast any additional cores or threads but you will get better clock speeds.

As far as the naming is concerned, the X in the name of AMD Ryzen 2700X means that this CPU is unlocked. Apart from that, it is capable of overclocking itself while bearing in mind the cooling system that you are utilizing.

It can be recalled that the AMD Ryzen CPUs has hit the market shelves for a year now and a lot of tech enthusiasts really liked it. Despite that there were some problems when the Ryzen CPU first came out; the American multi-national company was quick to answer to all the criticism coming from the users. As of now, the platform works really fine and AMD’s fans really loved it.

As of now, these are the known details about the AMD Ryzen 2700X. Tomorrow (Monday) we can expect more details since the magazine is slated to come out. Stay tuned for future updates regarding the AMD’s upcoming CPU.

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