Amazon’s Alexa Causes Police Raid At The Wee Hours

Purnima Gupta
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It was 2 AM in the midnight, when suddenly Amazon’s Echo, powered by its cloud AI platform Alexa, started playing music on her own at a Hamburg apartment in Germany.  The 6th-floor apartment is owned by Mr. Oliver Haberstroh, who was out with friends when the incident took place.

The volume of the music was so high that the neighbors, sleeping in their apartments, went berserk. Reportedly, neighbors even tried to break into the apartment. At last, they had to call on the police and solve the issue. When the police arrived the scene, they found that the flat was locked from the outside. On breaking the lock of the door with the help of a locksmith, everyone was surprised to find out that there was no one in the flat. The 29-year-old flat owner, Oliver Haberstroh, was out for a beer when Amazon’s Alexa Eco started a late night party on her own. Amazon Echo speaker has been blamed for starting a “rave party” in a sixth floor flat in Hamburg.

Later on, Mr. Oliver Haberstroh confirmed through a Facebook post that Alexa, his digital virtual assistant, started playing music at an incredibly high volume in the middle of the night without his commands, with the help of Amazon device Echo. After this late night fiasco, Haberstroh reached out Amazon for a fixup. However, initially he said that he would be parting ways with his virtual assistant but Amazon has offered to cover the cost of this incident. They have also issued an official statement linked to this incident.

According to the reports published in the Inquirer, Amazon explained their stance and strongly defended the flawlessness of Alexa. The company spokesperson sought to clarify that, “Alexa is an intelligent personal assistant, serving as a credible platform to Amazon’s device Echo. Echo got remotely activated through customer’s third-party music application, late in the night.” Amazon spokesperson further stated that Echo works flawlessly through Amazon’s cloud platform Alexa and offered to cover the costs of this unpleasant incident on behalf of the customer.

A couple of other incidents have been reported involving Alexa, placing vague orders on behalf of its customers. A very strong reason behind this behavior is said to be Alexa’s direct linking with Amazon’s shopping place. If this connection is unsecured and without a PIN, it is known to place orders online without permission.

One of another bizarre incident was when a parrot was able to place an order with Alexa by mimicking his owner’s voice. The African parrot, named Buddy, ordered six gift boxes on the behalf of Corienne Pretorius (39) from Greenwich, London.

While voice-controlled virtual assistant is increasingly becoming a part of the homes in the west, Amazon is also planning to launch its new augmented reality (AI) app, soon. This application offers an amazing virtual experience to its users. By using this application, users can place potential items of purchase in their homes virtually and gauge the suitability. The online giant is also said to be contemplating over launching its own crypto-currency and preparing to compete in digital demonetization segment.

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