Alleged Nokia 9 Photo Hints Device To Flaunt Amusing Camera Set-up

Maricris Jose
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HMD Global’s upcoming flagship is one of the much-awaited smartphones to be released this year. Carrying the Moniker Nokia 9, this handset is now expected to flaunt an amusing camera set-up as hinted by a leaked photo.

According to Phone Arena, if the leaked image is really the Nokia 9, it is safe to assume that it will feature one of the most distinctive looks among previous Nokia handsets. It is worth pointing out that this exceptional look is due to the amazing rear-facing camera setup sporting a total of six cutouts. Five of these cutouts follow a hexagonal-like arrangement and the last one sits in the center. As to what each one is used for, it appears that the bottom-left and bottom-right cut-outs will house the Carl Zeiss-branded camera sensors, and the one in the center as the camera.

In addition, the same alleged image of Nokia 9 also reveals that the camera will be coupled with an LED flash that is situated at the top-right area. Nonetheless, it remains uncertain what the top and bottom cut-outs denote. The said unique layout does agree with previous information HMD Global stated and that is the company has taken a “high risk” with the upcoming device’s camera setup.

The image also indicates that the Nokia 9 will feature a regular glass panel on its rear. Also, there is an Android One branding that can be seen at the bottom panel which only confirms that it will be running on Android 9 Pie as it comes out of the box. It is also noticeable that there are no indications of a fingerprint scanner and with that; it is possible that the Nokia 9 will flaunt an in-display sensor.

Although these features seem to be really exciting, the aforementioned details are still advised to be taken with a grain of salt. Also, it is worth stating that the original source of the alleged Nokia 9 photo already deleted the image; thus, suggesting that there is some truth behind the leaked image.

Hopefully, HMD Global will soon reveal all the details about its upcoming Nokia 9. With that, it is advised that you keep an eye for further announcements regarding this flagship device.

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