Alleged Drone Sightings Temporarily Halt Flights at Newark Airport, DJI Disagrees

Daphne Planca
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One day, there were reports of drone activity near Newark Liberty International Airport temporarily halted flights. This airport is the eleventh busiest in the United States. Many people questioned about whether the unmanned object spotted in New Jersey was indeed a drone or not.

According to The Washington Post, officials of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) confirmed that they received two reports of possible drones operating near Newark Airport. These reports arrived at about 4:45 p.m. on Tuesday, January 22. The first report came from a Southwest Airlines pilot, while the second report came from a United Airlines pilot. These pilots had spotted what they believed was a drone in the air. At the time they saw the drone, they were prepared to land at Newark Airport.

However, an FAA spokesman said yesterday that the agency has been unable to confirm the sightings independently. Tuesday’s event lasted for 21 minutes. The flights into Newark were suspended. The two drones were seen flying at 3,500 feet over nearby Teterboro Airport. This is a small regional airport about 17 miles (27.3 kilometers) away, north of Newark. It can handle corporate jets and private planes.

Industry experts said that the objects seen could have been balloons, plastic bags, or space junk. The world’s largest drone maker DJI also pushed back against the reports. The company’s spokesman Adam Lisberg stated that the pilots likely spotted something in the air. However, it is unlikely a drone. This is because drones are not permitted to fly higher than 400 feet under FAA rules.

To those who are not aware, the U.S. Transportation Department recently proposed rules that allow drones to operate over the crowded areas and end a requirement for special permits for night use. These are actions drone users have been waiting. These actions are expected to help speed up their commercial use.

What do you think about the alleged drone sightings in the northern New Jersey airspace? Do you agree with the opinion of DJI’s Adam Lisberg? Share your thoughts and reaction by writing in the comment section below.

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