All 2018 Model Samsung Phones And What We Know About Them

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The Korean-based electronics giant, Samsung is currently dominating the Android smartphone market and this 2018, the company released a bunch of phones for its consumer. The flexibility and variety of their products are probably one of the reasons for its success in the current smartphone race.

They offer smartphones for casual users with decent specs and reasonable price. On the other hand, they can also give you top of the line features that you’ll see in their higher tier models. You’ll meet all of the Samsung phones that is available this 2018 and you might be able to find the one that fits for you.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

You might be wondering why you haven’t seen any Galaxy Note 9 in the market. Currently, it is still not yet available for public and people are still waiting for this phone’s availability. Its predecessor, the Note 8 was released to the public in September and the updated version should arrive around the same time mark as its past generation.

According to Forbes, Samsung will provide a big boost to its internal by bumping up all the components like the battery, providing new camera and more RAM.

The signature S-Pen from this line is also great and will be improved further by proving more sensitivity and overall better performance. The rumored price of this beauty will be at around $1000 and you could expect the Note 9 to be included in one of the most powerful handheld devices in the recent years.

Samsung Galaxy S9/S9

People’s reaction is a bit in the middle for Samsung Galaxy S9 and the S9+ line. Some claims that it feels like it is slightly better than its predecessor, the S8 series, and others are loving the extra features that were provided by the newer model.

A step up on the number of cameras installed in the phone and improvements in the hardware was very nice. Sales is a bit lower than what Samsung expected but the overall rating for this smartphone is still way on the top. You can have this phone by spending over $700.

Galaxy A6/A6+

Samsung’s mid-level model phone is a balance of price and power. Availability of the phone for a cheaper price seems to be appealing to lots of consumers and who wouldn’t be? After spending around $400 for A6 series and getting decent specs and features, it is a big bang for your buck.

With a gorgeous Super AMOLED infinity display that is pleasant to the eyes and a camera that captures 16MP. You can also add the 3000mAh of battery and a reasonable 4GB of RAM.

Samsung Galaxy J6 and J8

Mid-entry level phone that is priced at around $200 seems to be appealing to anyone that is on a budget. However, it may not come out of the US market anytime soon. It features 13 MP of camera and also has a Super AMOLED infinity display.

Samsung Galaxy J7 and J3

One of the lower end in terms of features and price, this line provides a good sense of balance for someone looking for a cheap but decent phone. Samsung J3 gives us 5-inch of the screen while the J7 offers 5.5 inches with 13 MP for both the front and back cameras.

Samsung Galaxy J4, Galaxy S Light Luxury, and A9 Star Series.

Galaxy J4 is specifically made for the Indian Market only and also targets the budget customers. The phone will be packed with 13MP rear and 5MP front camera and will have a 5.5-inch HD display.

The A9 Series is a rebranded A6+ which offers 6.3 inches Super AMOLED display and a dual camera setup at the back. Announced to be released in China, we are not sure yet if this will hit the US market.

The 2017 Galaxy S8 has a new model this year under the name of Galaxy S Light Luxury. The aesthetics feature almost the same as its older brother but under the hood, it has been modified to fit for a budget mid-level phone. It packs 16MP and 8MP of cameras and rated as IP68, surprisingly it also has a wireless charging capability.

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