AirPods 2 Latest News: When Is It Coming, What Fans Want To See

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Just a few days from now we will be saying goodbye to 2018 and welcoming 2019. With the new year, tech enthusiasts are all excited for the new gadgets that will be coming. One of the devices expected to come in 2019 is the Apple AirPods 2.

When Is The AirPods 2 Coming?

Love it or hate it, the AirPods is one of Apple’s well-known gadgets. It was introduced on September 2016 alongside the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2, and was originally scheduled to be released in October but was moved to December.

From 2017 and 2018, tech enthusiasts were expecting Apple to follow the same schedule but so far there hasn’t been any appearance yet of the AirPods 2 – only leaks and rumors.

So when can we expect it?

Earlier this month, MacWorld published an article about the AirPods 2. The report noted a few rumored release dates:

Firstly, the next-generation AirPods could launch before the end of 2018 in March 2019. Well, so far this hasn’t happened. And given that we’re just a few days away for the New Year, the probability of this happening seems very low.

The second rumor, it could be released in March 2019. The third rumor, it could be launched even earlier in 2019.

However, well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo went on record to say that Apple will release an “upgraded model with wireless charging support” in the first quarter of 2019 and then will launch an all-new design in early 2020.

This time around, well, to be specific, last week, Forbes’ David Phelan claimed that the AirPods 2 won’t go on sale until 2019. He predicts that it will be in the first two months of the year alongside AirPower.

The Wishlist

With tech enthusiasts and fans alike eagerly waiting for the successor to the AirPods, it comes to no surprise that there’s a wishlist of things they want to see in the device.

  • Noise cancellation
  • Waterproofing – This should be a standard to all devices.
  • In-ear design
  • More gestures
  • Better battery life
  • Sleepable AirPods
  • Trackable AirPods – Only the AirPod case has a tracking feature. Losing/Misplacing the AirPods can be a nightmare to find.
  • Manual volume adjustment
  • Lower pricing – It makes sense, given that one of the criticisms that Apple faced regarding the AirPods was its price tag. But Apple isn’t really known for budget-friendly price tags.
  • Wireless charging
  • Better sound quality
  • Activity sensors
  • Transparent case
  • Sports mode ear hooks
  • Adjustable sizing/fitting
  • Battery-eating bling – Forbes notes that it’s a “ring of micro led lights that are animated on the base of each pod“.
  • Color – Who doesn’t want to have different color options to choose from? The more, the better.
  • Ambisonic 3D audio – Forbes notes that Augmented Reality (AG) isn’t just about vision. And with Ambisonic audio, it will be very necessary once Apple unveils their Glasses, so this feature must be in the pipeline. You may have heard about Apple’s rumored wearable glasses which is a pair of glasses that makes use of AR technology.

When do you think the AirPods 2 will come? Do you agree with the wishlist? Tell us in the comment section below.

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