AirPods 2, iPad Mini 5, iPhone SE2, Everything To Expect From Apple In 2019?

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Just a few weeks from now we’ll be stepping into 2019. With that, tech enthusiasts are wondering what Apple products will likely be released or show up next year.

So what are the expected Apple products coming next year? Well, here are a couple of predictions made by MacWorld.

Apple Products That Will Probably Come In Spring

For the spring of 2019, there are around 10 Apple products that are expected to come. We have:

  • iPhone SE 2
  • iPad mini 5
  • A new streaming service
  • A smaller Apple TV
  • AirPower
  • AirPods 2
  • StudioPods – an over-the-head headphone
  • HomePod 2
  • MacBook
  • iMac

Aside from the ones mentioned, we (73Buzz) are also expecting for the 2019 9.7-inch iPad to come as well. Since 2016, the company has released a 9.7-inch iPad in the month of March.

Regarding the iPhone SE2 (aka SE2) which is supposed to be Apple’s “budget iPhone”, we would like to add a few comments about this device. Although there have been some rumors or leaks that popped up here and there about its existence, there’s one thing that needs to be addressed – the iPhone XR.

If we’re going to look at the 2018 iPhone lineup, there’s the iPhone XR which was announced back in September and labeled as the “budget model” for this year. The said smartphone starts at $749.

Sure, it’s a far cry when compared to the current iPhone SE which originally started at $399 for the 16GB variant but now starts at $349 for its 32GB variant. Meanwhile, the iPhone SE 2 is rumored to feature a price tag of around $450.

So will Apple release an iPhone SE2 next year, or will the company give the iPhone XR a successor? Or will the company do both? Well, there have been YouTube videos published addressing the company’s disappointing iPhone sales so it’s really hard to say.

Apple Products Expected To Popup At WWDC In June

For the 2019 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), there are 3 devices that are expected to be released. These devices are:

  • iMac Pro
  • Mac Pro
  • A new Apple display – Not much is known about this. So far, rumors suggest that it will support Thunderbolt 3/USB Type-C, and is likely to offer at least 5K.

What About For The Month Of September?

For September, which is considered to be Apple’s most important month of the year, there are 3 products expected to come.

  • 2019 iPhones
  • iOS 13
  • macOS 10.15

Aside from the 3 products mentioned, we also expect the Apple Watch Series 5 to come as well. The Cupertino-based tech company usually announces the next iteration of its smartwatch along with the iPhones.

What About October?

For the month of October, there are the 2019 iPad Pro models. Of course, we’re expecting for two models with different screen sizes.

The Unknowns

For both the 2019 MacBook Air and 2019 Mac mini, it’s unsure if there when will Apple launch these devices. But there are some tech enthusiasts out there that are hoping they will make an appearance in October of 2019.

Well, this year, Apple treated us to an all-new, redesigned MacBook Air at the October 2018 event so it makes sense that some are expecting 2019 will also be the same. However, the past few years, the company gave little attention to it, so we can’t say with full confidence that it will happen. As for the 2019 Mac mini, it’s hard to say as well.

What Apple product are you looking forward the most next year? Tell us in the comment section below.

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